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Virtually all credit granted for experience must be validated through a departmental examination. Individuals who do not enroll in the semester for which they applied will be required to complete a reactivation form or a new admissions application. Army Corps of Engineers Classification of overweight and obesity by BMI, waist circumference, and associated disease risk. The enzyme is normally involved in the digestion of starch and sugars.

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Friends in Paris soon followed his example and physicians began prescribing the sour-milk diet for their patients. Bifidobacteria were first isolated from a breast-fed infant by Henry Tissier, who also worked at the Pasteur Institute. The isolated bacterium named Bacillus bifidus communis [32] was later renamed to the genus Bifidobacterium.

Tissier found that bifidobacteria are dominant in the gut microbiota of breast-fed babies and he observed clinical benefits from treating diarrhea in infants with bifidobacteria. The claimed effect was bifidobacterial displacement of proteolytic bacteria causing the disease. During an outbreak of shigellosis in , German professor Alfred Nissle isolated a strain of Escherichia coli from the feces of a soldier who was not affected by the disease.

In , Rettger and Cheplin reported that Metchnikoff's "Bulgarian Bacillus", later called Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. They observed changes in composition of fecal microbiota, which they described as "transformation of the intestinal flora ". In certain strains of L. Contrasting antibiotics, probiotics were defined as microbially derived factors that stimulate the growth of other microorganisms.

In Roy Fuller suggested a definition of probiotics that has been widely used: The term "probiotic" originally referred to microorganisms that have effects on other microorganisms. The term was used again [37] to describe tissue extracts that stimulated microbial growth. The term probiotics was taken up by Parker, [38] who defined the concept as, "Organisms and substances that have a beneficial effect on the host animal by contributing to its intestinal microbial balance.

Fuller described probiotics as a "live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance. In the following decades, intestinal lactic acid bacterial species with alleged health beneficial properties were introduced as probiotics, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus , Lactobacillus casei , and Lactobacillus johnsonii.

The European Food Safety Authority has rejected all petitions by commercial manufacturers for health claims on probiotic products in Europe due to insufficient research, and thus inconclusive proof of effectiveness.

In the United States, where food product labeling requires language approval by the FDA, probiotic manufacturers have received warning letters for making disease or treatment claims. Probiotics have been the subject of research to see whether the health claims made for them have any supporting evidence.

Recent developments of high-throughput sequencing technology and the consequent progresses of metagenomics represent a new approach for the future of probiotics research. Studies are examining whether probiotics affect mechanisms of intestinal inflammation, [45] diarrhea , [46] or urogenital infections.

Research into the potential health effects of supplemental probiotics has included the molecular biology and genomics of Lactobacillus in immune function, cancer, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea , travellers' diarrhea, pediatric diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease , and irritable bowel syndrome. Although research does suggest that the relationship between the gut microbiota and humans is a mutualistic relationship, [52] very little evidence supports claims that probiotic dietary supplements have any health benefits.

Claims that some lactobacilli may contribute to weight gain in some humans [54] [55] remain controversial. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health , "Although some probiotics have shown promise in research studies, strong scientific evidence to support specific uses of probiotics for most health conditions is lacking.

Probiotics are ineffective in preventing allergies in children, with the possible exception of eczema. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea results from an imbalance in the colonic microbiota caused by antibiotic therapy.

These microbial community alterations result in changes in carbohydrate metabolism , with decreased short-chain fatty acid absorption and osmotic diarrhea as a result. The Cochrane review concluded that the evidence gathered suggested a protective effect of some probiotics in this condition in children.

Probiotic treatment might reduce the incidence and severity of AAD as indicated in several meta-analyses. The potential efficacy of probiotic AAD prevention depends on the probiotic strains and dosage. Probiotic treatment of bacterial vaginosis is the application or ingestion of bacterial species found in the healthy vagina to cure the infection of bacteria causing bacterial vaginosis.

Currently, the success of such treatment has been mixed since the use of probiotics to restore healthy populations of Lactobacillus has not been standardized. Often, standard antibiotic treatment is used at the same time that probiotics are being tested.

In addition, some groups of women respond to treatment based upon ethnicity, age, number of sexual partners, pregnancy, and the pathogens causing bacterial vaginosis. The consumption of probiotics may modestly help to control high blood pressure. Preliminary human and animal studies have demonstrated the efficacy of some strains of lactic acid bacteria LAB for reducing serum cholesterol levels, presumably by breaking down bile in the gut , thus inhibiting its reabsorption where it enters the blood as cholesterol.

A meta-analysis that included five double-blind trials examining the short-term 2—8 weeks effects of a yogurt with probiotic strains on serum cholesterol levels found a minor change of 8. A slightly longer study evaluating the effect of a yogurt with probiotic strains on 29 subjects over six months found no statistically significant differences in total serum cholesterol or LDL values.

Probiotics are commonly given to breast-feeding mothers and their young children to prevent eczema, but some doubt exists over the strength of evidence supporting this effect. Some strains of lactic acid bacteria may affect Helicobacter pylori infections which may cause peptic ulcers in adults when used in combination with standard medical treatments, but no standard in medical practice or regulatory approval exists for such treatment.

Some strains of lactic acid bacteria LAB may affect pathogens by means of competitive inhibition i. A large study demonstrated that probiotics may decrease dental caries in children. Some strains of LAB may modulate inflammatory and hypersensitivity responses, an observation thought to be at least in part due to the regulation of cytokine function.

Probiotics are being studied for their potential to influence inflammatory bowel disease. There is some evidence to support their use in conjunction with standard medications in treating ulcerative colitis and no evidence of their efficacy in treating Crohn's disease.

A live formulation of lyophilized Bifidobacterium breve , Bifidobacterium longum , Bifidobacterium infantis , Lactobacillus acidophilus , Lactobacillus plantarum , Lactobacillus paracasei , Lactobacillus bulgaricus , and Streptococcus thermophilus VSL 3 has shown effectiveness in the small clinical trials, some of which were not randomized nor double-blinded, that had been done as of ; more high-quality clinical trials are needed to determine safety and effectiveness.

Probiotics are under study for their potential to affect irritable bowel syndrome , although uncertainty remains around which type of probiotic works best, and around the size of possible effect. Ingestion of certain active strains may help lactose-intolerant individuals tolerate more lactose than they would otherwise have tolerated.

Several clinical studies provide evidence for the potential of probiotics to lower the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis and mortality in premature infants. A review based on moderate to low-quality evidences suggests that probiotics may be helpful in relieving pain in the short term in children with recurrent abdominal pain, but the proper strain and dosage are not known.

There is no good evidence that probiotics are of benefit in the management of infection or inflammation of the urinary tract. Probiotic treatment has been studied as a means of addressing disorders associated with vitamin deficiencies including those of vitamin K , [92] folic acid , [93] and vitamin B The manipulation of the gut microbiota is complex and may cause bacteria-host interactions. It has been suggested that Lactobacillus contributes to obesity in humans, but no evidence of this relationship has been found.

Live probiotic cultures are available in fermented dairy products and probiotic fortified foods. However, tablets, capsules, powders, and sachets containing the bacteria in freeze-dried form are also available.

Probiotics taken orally can be destroyed by the acidic conditions of the stomach. A number of microencapsulation techniques are being developed to address this problem.

There is only preliminary evidence for most probiotic health claims. Even for the most studied strains, few have been sufficiently developed in basic and clinical research to warrant approval for health claim status by a regulatory agency such as the Food and Drug Administration or European Food Safety Authority , and, as of , no claims had been approved by those two agencies. Some fermented products contain lactic acid bacteria, including pickled vegetables , [99] tempeh , [] miso , [] kefir , [] buttermilk or karnemelk , [] kimchi , [99] [] pao cai , [] sauerkraut , [] and soy sauce.

Due to these ambiguities, the European Commission placed a ban on putting the word "probiotic" on the packaging of products because such labeling misleads consumers to believe a health benefit is provided by the product when no scientific proof exists to demonstrate that health effect.

In the United States, the FDA and Federal Trade Commission have issued warning letters and imposed punishment on various manufacturers of probiotic products whose labels claim to treat a disease or condition. Preliminary research is evaluating the potential physiological effects of multiple probiotic strains, as opposed to a single strain.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Prebiotic nutrition. Fecal bacteriotherapy Functional food Microbial food cultures Prebiotic nutrition Proteobiotics Synbiotics Probiotics in pediatrics Psychobiotic Dysbiosis. The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics consensus statement on the scope and appropriate use of the term probiotic".

Bridging science and marketing". British Journal of Nutrition. The Journal of Applied Bacteriology. Nutrition in clinical care: Optimistic studies , p. Heinemann, Retrieved 12 November Archived from the original on 23 October Retrieved 4 June Retrieved 9 May Clin Infect Dis Review. The established and the new".

World J Gastroenterol Review. Archived from the original PDF on October 22, Retrieved 17 December Guide to designing, conducting, publishing and communicating results of clinical studies involving probiotic applications in human participants".

Probiotics the Scientific Thesis. Retrieved 5 June Research Journal of Biological Sciences. A study of Elie Metchnikoff". Recherchers sur la flora intestinale normale et pathologique du nourisson. Thesis, University of Paris, Paris, France. We support their efforts and have placed donation boxes at the middle school and elementary buildings. The collection drive began on January 9 and ends on January The community goal is rolls of toilet paper. Last year, SJS by itself met the community goal.

Students and families brought in donations of a two roll, four roll, six roll, or eight roll package of toilet paper. Have a Heart for this effort and help us meet the goal again this year! Students have until Friday, January 20, to make a donation. If you have a child who will turn five by September 30, please join us and discover kindergarten at SJS.

Pastor, principals, teachers, parents, and alum will be present to share information about the faith and academic journey that begins in kindergarten at SJS! Martin Luther King, Jr. There is no school for students. On behalf of the staff and students of St. Joseph School, I wish you and your family a blessed and happy new year. It is not too early to enroll for Kindergarten!

Joseph School for any of the kindergarten information opportunities including: Kindergaren Parent Information Nights: We invite you to start your morning over muffins with your SJS student s.

Please mark your calendar and save the date for our upcoming Muffins with Mom event s. Do you have gently-used crafting tools or supplies that need a new home? The middle school has just launched its new elective—Christmas Crafting and would love any donations you may have. Please contact Molly Lindsley at mlindsle stjoesylvania. Thank you so much! Joseph School Benefit Dinner Committee is very excited about this event and we are making final plans to insure that it will be a night to remember!

We want your name to be among those traveling to Napa with us to experience:. Boys and Girls in any grades K-8 at any level! The Christmas Songfest they present was made even more beautiful by their joyful smiles. Under the direction of Mrs. As I watched the students rehearse this past month, I knew that this year will be added to the long list of joy-filled performances.

Dennis Metzger, and Associate Pastor, Rev. Charles Ritter who steadfastly embrace the ministry of Catholic education. With energy and vision they fully participate in the partnership we have with parents and in the formation of children in faith, academics, and service. I do not have enough words to speak of all the ways that parents enter into a relationship with us.

They volunteer, they share, they fund raise, and they celebrate the joy of learning in a Catholic school environment. Their commitment to the faith formation of their children is a blessing to our school and to our future. They are a community of faith and their Catholic School ministry calls them to holiness.

They witness their faith and dedicate their lives to a vocation that is dynamic…one that challenges them to respond to a world growing in complexity. Through their dedication, they bless all of us. The goal of our school is for students to learn much more than content.

Our goals include formative outcomes: Our annual Christmas Program for third, fourth, and fifth grade students will take place on Tuesday, December 20, at 7: Following are a few notes and reminders:. Third grade students should report to Conference Room A between 6: Fourth grader students report to Conference Room B between 6: Students should wear dress clothes in Christmas colors. Beside the traditional red and green, we have come to know over the many years that we have performed at the Franciscan Center that purple, pink, white, blue, aqua, black, navy, brown, orange, yellow, and other un-named colors all become Christmas colors under the beautiful stage lights of the Center.

Teachers will lead the children onto the stage at 6: Students must check out with a teacher or assistant before they leave. Fifth grade students report to the Green Room lower level at 6: These students already received instructions on what to wear and should come dressed in whatever parts of their costumes are not already at the Franciscan Center.

If you arrive earlier than the times listed above, your children must stay with you until 6: Teacher supervision of students does not begin until 6: Students may not enter the Conference Rooms until a teacher or Teacher Assistant is present. The doors to the auditorium will open at 6: Students in grades 3 — 5 will be walking to the Franciscan Center on Monday and Tuesday, December 19 and 20 for rehearsal.

All students K — 8 will walk to the Franciscan Center on Tuesday, December 20, for the dress rehearsal at 9: The temperature forecast for both days remains in the mid-teens with wind chills making it even colder. Extended family and friends are invited to attend this dress rehearsal if they are unable to attend in the evening. We ask that you sit toward the back of the auditorium until all students, especially the younger ones, have been seated. You may move to any available seat after that.

The dress rehearsal lasts about one hour. On behalf of the students and staff of St. Joseph School, I wish you a blessed Christmas. May the peace and joy of Christ's birth be with you throughout the year. Only 10 days left until Christmas!!! Need some help with shopping? The pictures below will give you an idea of what we have in each size. Please bring your checkbooks, as we cannot accept credit cards or make change.

This Christmas carol performance by students in first and second grade will take place tomorrow, Friday, December 9, in the church at 9: Please join us for 30 minutes of delightful and enthusiastic Christmas songs offered by primary children.

Our annual Christmas Program for students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will take place on Tuesday, December 20, from 7: This is a wonderful experience for students and parents. There is a dress rehearsal for the Christmas Program grades 3, 4, and 5 on Tuesday, December 20 at the Franciscan Center. All students in kindergarten through grade 8 attend the dress rehearsal. It will take place at 9: This performance works very well for extended family, especially those who may not want to be out after dark.

I asked that you complete it and return it the next day — i. It was a lot to ask…but you did it and you returned important information to us that allows us to continue this study on improving our school lunch program. A sub-committee of the School Advisory Council is actively evaluating data as we receive it.

Students in middle school will complete a similar survey next week. Some of the issues that the study includes are the lunch programs of other public and non-public schools, the nutritional benefits of lunch items, and the likes and dislikes that students have.

The Council may add ad hoc members to the work of a sub-committee. If you have background in the area of school lunch programs and would like to help us, please do not hesitate to contact me. There is a forecast for 5 — 8 inches of snow beginning Sunday evening. So, just to review: When Sylvania Schools close, St. When Sylvania Schools delay, St. However, if something prevents us from sending that alert, we are still closed or delayed if Sylvania is closed or delayed.

All families have received their Benefit Dinner Invitation! We hope to see you there! Dear Parents, The elves have been hard at work, and the day is almost here! The Christmas Store will be open on Thursday, December 15! Students will have about 20 minutes to shop for a few of their favorite people.

We are sending a list of the items we have to sell this year to help your child get a head start in thinking of what to buy. If you would prefer that your child not participate in the Christmas Store, please sign the bottom of this letter and return it with your child so we are aware of your wishes.

If you happen to have smaller bills, please send those in with your child as it helps with making change. We look forward to seeing your smiling children next week! The Christmas Store Committee. The truck has been loaded, the tallies made and the results are in!

The thanks go to ALL of the parents who sent money with their children or came and shopped with or without their children. Just as the Book Fair would not be successful without our shoppers and we could not have one without a posse of capable and cheerful volunteers.

They donated their valuable time and infused our Book Fair with an air of enthusiasm, joy and delight that was felt by all! These helpful Book Fair volunteers are: Thank you all for your continued support! All items that were presented as samples will be available for SALE!

These are new, never used items that were on display only. Some school approved items may be available. Details of items available will be provided next week. Thank you for your support! This will take place in our preschool classrooms on Saturday, December 10th with music, refreshments, crafts, and fun for everyone.

Please look for the information sheet and sign up to join in the festivities! We'll be presenting some Christmas carols we've been practicing to sing in the school gymnasium. Extended family and friends are also welcome! This is sure to be a fun-filled activity for the children with no pressure to perform in an uncomfortable situation. There are just a few more days to sell Foodie Cards for the Preschool Fundraiser. All orders are due by December Orders are filled on the day that they are turned in and they make fantastic Christmas gifts!

An important message about our school parking lot: Please use diligence when walking to or from the school at the beginning or the end of the day. Also, when driving through our parking lot, please be aware that the elementary children may also be traveling to the church or at recess.

We need to be sure that everyone in the area is safe at all times. Thank you for your compliance and understanding. With the colder weather please be sure to send warm clothing for outdoor play. We go outside almost every day unless the wind chill is below 20 degrees. This means the children need warm coats, hats, mittens, and appropriate shoes. With the snowy weather they should also have snow pants and boots.

Also, the children need regular shoes to wear in the classroom because boots can be wet and uncomfortable after outdoor play. Thank you in advance for taking care of this. In the event of inclement weather, St. Joseph Preschool will follow the decision of the Superintendent of Sylvania schools.

When Sylvania Schools delay, early morning care will be cancelled; the morning preschool session will begin at If your child attends the Extended Day Enrichment Program class will begin at Please listen to the local radio and television for this information. This week your children will bring home their parish offertory envelopes. We appreciate the opportunity to work together in teaching your children about the many gifts we have been given. Here are some ideas of information to share with your children as you discuss this very special stewardship program.

How does it work? Complete a gift card order form. Pay for the gift card s with cash or check. Receive your gift card s immediately, and go!

Keeping parents informed and involved helps to assure student safety and improve student success. Instant Alert for Schools is an essential tool for notification and communication. We initiate a weather alert when we receive information that Sylvania is delaying or closing. Most often that announcement on local television stations or social media sites is made around 6: Occasionally it appears as early as 5: Our subsequent Honeywell Alert to all parents confirming that we SJS have a delay or closing follows, but not sooner than 5: If you do not receive an alert from SJS, please follow the television announcement regarding Sylvania Schools.

When they delay, we delay; when they close, we close. You may update your profile at https: Maintaining the accuracy of your profile will increase the ability of the school to keep you informed.

This event will be sure to help prepare our families' hearts to welcome Christ into our lives this Christmas!

Chrys Peterson, moderator Panel Members include: Our teachers share with me that you bring to them positive affirmations, concerns, questions, and a true and credible sense of partnership in the education of your children.

When you do that you help to validate the partnership we want with our parents. Fifteen minutes of conference time seems to work well for both teachers and parents. I know that some have requested additional time. Please be sure to pursue that. I assure you that every teacher on our staff is dedicated to the educational growth, faith formation, and well-being of the children they serve. This annual celebration, enjoyed by students and staff, supports the education ministry of two other Catholic schools — Queen of Peace and Rosary Cathedral.

Our students are invited to dress in the colors of their favorite team Michigan or Ohio State and to place a donation in either the Ohio State container or the Michigan container. Over the past few years, students have asked if they could dress in Notre Dame colors and have a Notre Dame collection container. We added a third container for donations from families that have only one loyalty — Notre Dame. Then students asked if they might dress in other team colors if they are not fans of Michigan, Ohio State, or Notre Dame.

However, there will only be three containers to accept their donation. This is a fun day for staff and students as they participate in good-natured rivalry for the post-Thanksgiving game between Michigan and Ohio State.

Donations will be accepted beginning Monday, November Student Council representatives will be providing decorated containers for each classroom.

Total donations for each team will be announced at the end of each day. Tuesday, November 22, at the end of the day, students will gather in the west gym for a spirited assembly. The middle school Spirit Squad will lead students in support of their favorite team. The final donation amounts for each team will be announced. We know it is through your support as parents that we are able to continue this annual event and for that I am truly grateful. Calendar — We are currently setting the calendar for the — school year.

We know that many families must request vacation time, or time off, a year ahead of time. The calendar for — must remain tentative at this time.

Calendar information from the Catholic high schools is not available yet nor is information from Sylvania Schools for their calendar.

However, it does not appear to be a complicated calendar year and the only potential issue for conflict may be Christmas vacation. We are beginning a review of our food service cafeteria program. Please watch for a survey within the next few weeks asking for feedback regarding our cafeteria lunch program. Your participation in completing and sending the survey back to us is very important.

After some discussion, we have decided to send it to you as a hard copy in the Thursday Envelope rather than electronically. Important Change in Date. The Christmas Songfest presented by grades one and two will take place on Friday, December 9, not on Friday, December The time and location are unchanged: Please note this on your calendars:. Grade 1 and 2 Christmas Songfest, 9: In lieu of an admittance fee, donations of non-perishable goods for the Seagate Foodbank will be accepted at the door.

Some buses to and from St. Joseph School may be affected by this closure the week of November Bus schedules may change in response to the necessity of using an alternate route.

This may be most significant at the end of the school day. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and have fun. It is also a great chance for Confirmation candidates or high school students to get service hours. You only need to donate hours of your time for one day and it helps make this event a success.

Please consider helping us. Use the sign up link below. Don't let earnings FALL through your fingertips! We hope it is prominently displayed on your refrigerator. On January 28, , you will experience the ambiance of Napa Valley! Your winter dream trip, A Night in Napa, begins when you return your response card from your invitation which is coming soon to a Thursday envelope near you! Our annual Halloween Parade will take place on Monday, October 31, at 1: Children should bring their costumes to school in the morning.

They will be given time to put them on after lunch. All students in kindergarten through eighth grade are invited to participate. Parents are welcome to come. The parade route begins at the school doors of the west campus, crosses the parking lot behind the church, proceeds to and along the driveway at Rosary Hall on the Lourdes University campus, and then returns to the St.

Joseph west campus, past the front of the church and back to the elementary school. Students from the middle school will join K — 5 students at the start of the parade. There are many places to stand and take pictures or just enjoy the varied and creative costumes that children wear. All visitors should park across the street from the elementary building in order to keep the school parking lot open for students as they parade. Please help your child choose a costume that is St. Costumes that are a little scary are usually all right, but gory costumes are not.

In our experience, most of the time, that has been fine. However, they need to be cautious. The content of many reality TV shows is not intended for a middle school audience.

Representation of those associated personalities would be unacceptable. Students may not bring to school look-alike weapons that go with their costume. Students are allowed to wear their costumes home. If their costume includes a mask, it will need to be carried or placed in their back-pack. Grandpas, uncles, cousins, or any special family member is welcome to attend. More detailed information will be sent home soon! Reading for pleasure unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are.

Our Scholastic Book Fair is a reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school.

If you are unable to attend the Fair in person we invite you to visit our online Book Fair at scholastic. Our online Fair is available from October 29 to November We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair! Remember, all purchases benefit our school library. Care, Share, Give a Pair. There will be collection boxes at the doors of church and outside of both the West and East school offices.

The socks can be for men, women and children, any size. Thank you in advance for your generosity. If you have any questions, you can call, Laurie, parish nurse, at Adopting a family is a great way to get the kids involved in sharing the joy of the season with needy families or individuals in our area.

We work with Sylvania Area Family Services, Harbor, and Heroes in Action to provide a traditional Christmas for those who cannot provide it for themselves. We receive more than referrals and our goal is to have each one adopted by mid-November. Anyone can adopt — your family, relatives, businesses, groups, you and your friends, etc. You can select the size of family, and whether you would like to wrap and deliver the gifts yourself, or drop them off at the East Campus Meeting Room for our delivery volunteers to handle.

We are seeking volunteers for several different shifts during the first two weeks in December. If you can spare a couple of hours during that time, call or email Sue Jurski , suejurski bex. Inviting people of all faith backgrounds to an evening with the nation's foremost marriage advocate:. Anderson, PhD Learn how to talk about marriage, same-sex issues, and the role of faith in shaping public policy from a leading author and expert in the field.

I will be available for individual conferences on November 3 and 4, , St. A conference may be scheduled from Please email your request for a conference to kobrien stjoesylvania.

If a conference is desired, but you are unable to make it on November 3 or 4, please contact me so we can arrange a mutually agreeable time. Attention all Christmas Store helpers! The Christmas Store is planning another great sale for the kids this December, and we need your help.

We need help with things such as cutting, gluing, beading, painting, assembling craft items, and wrapping, just to name a few. Crafting sessions will be held in the West Meeting Room or the cafeteria depending on availability from 8: Even if you can just come for a short time, every extra pair of hands helps! If you have any questions, or ideas to share, please feel free to e-mail me Jenny Durnell at jennydurnell19 gmail.

All check payments must be received in the West campus school office no later than September 30th at 3: We will be collecting bags of clothes, shoes, purses, towels, backpacks, throw rugs, sheets…anything cloth-related. In addition to participating in the inflatable activities in the gym, it is also a Jeans Day for all students! Eligible students are those grade school players who are students in 3rd thru 8th grade at St. Joseph school or enrolled in the St.

Joseph religious education program. High school players families must be registered members of the parish. New Parishioners, Mark Your Calendars! If you have joined the parish recently, please join us.

Joseph Parish New Parishioner Breakfast. Sunday, Nov 6th Following the Join the fun during P. Here are some easy tips to packing great-tasting and nutritious fruits and veggies:.

Yet, these fruits and veggies provide natural plant nutrients not found in other colors. It is available year-round and just four ounces counts as a serving of fruit. Packing juice in a reusable container is also a great way to help save the environment. A plum is a tasty lunchbox addition or try including blueberries or blackberries in a reusable container. Celery sticks or green pepper slices are terrific crunchy snacks and can be packed along side ranch dressing for a fun dipping option. Please consider joining us for one or more of these sessions.

Bring your expired or unused medicines to one ofthese convenient area locations. The team is coached by Brett Seymour. Listen and call in your Fall Sharathon pledges. As a non-profit apostolate, Annunciation Radio depends solely on listener support during the Sharathon October As a non-profit apostolate, Annunciation Radio depends solely on listener support.

Please plan on listening to National host Debbie Georgianni, as well as all of our local hosts, will welcome area priests and other special guests every hour from 7am-6pm Tuesday through Friday. During this time, we ask you to call in and pledge your financial support with a one-time or ongoing gift. Know that Annunciation Radio is available ONLY because of generous listeners who know the value of quality, faithful Catholic programming and support it.

It's almost time for Annunciation Radio Fall Sharathon! Remember to tune in to Tuesday, October 18th through Friday, October 21st. Hear over 35 of our own priests on the air talking about how Catholic radio is changing lives. We need you to help us spread the word and to listen and pledge during the Fall Sharathon.

The toll free pledge line is Secure online pledges can be made at www. Joseph School is excited to be participating once again in a national healthy-eating initiative called P. This fun and educational program is aimed at encouraging kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. The focus of P. Week is on eating a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, as each has its own nutritional benefits.

To get the broadest range of nutrients, all colors are important- purple, white, red, yellow, orange, and green. And kids love eating the rainbow! Each day of P. Our cafeteria will also be participating in P. Here are the days of P. Week with some packing tips to make it easy:. Strawberries are a favorite, and other tasty options are red pepper slices, tomato wedges or a delicious red apple. For more tips, visit www. We would like our school families to be aware of the tremendous impact and important work that has been accomplished because of the proceeds of the previous ten St.

Joseph School Benefit Dinners. Joseph School Benefit Dinner directly benefits our children… now and into the future! We encourage you to find a way to become involved. Beginning next week our middle school students will be given the ability to login to SchoolSpeak with their own accounts. This will allow them to view their own homework, order lunch, view progress, as well as communicate with teachers.

The teachers always double check lunch orders along with attendance each day. If a lunch is ordered by the teacher for your child the system will automatically invoice you.

Why does it appear as though I owe lunch money for one child but my other child shows a credit? Your overall balance will give you the correct amount. The fees are charged per transaction. If you use PayPal or PayPal credit it is 2. You may avoid this additional charge if you pay by cash or check, which we then apply to your account. Just a friendly reminder that Thursday, September 29 from 2: It is VERY important that orders be picked up on this date. While it is understandable that one day and block of time may not be good for all, we ask that every effort is made on September If orders are not picked up on this day, orders have to be distributed by Mrs.

Perna in the east campus school office. While she is happy to help, this becomes difficult to manage and keeps her working beyond her normal day. Please help us this year by picking up on time.

Interested in finding out more about our annual SJS Benefit Dinner and becoming involved in one of the many committees? Please let me know if you can make our Kick-Off on the 6th by Friday, September Carol Lindsley -- clindsle stjoesylvania.

Perfect opportunity for 8th grade students to earn service hours. Adults, high school students, 6th and 7th graders also welcome. Easy and fun way to volunteer. Main job is to help transport donations from cars to Easter Seals truck. Click Here to Sign Up to Volunteer! Questions or to volunteer contact Shelly Piscopo at or shel aol. The first Morning Muffins of the new school year was held on Wednesday, September 14th. Volunteers who donated for this event included: Many thanks to these wonderful ladies.

This is an important message to all our parents as they volunteer for our school. As of July 1, , all volunteers in our school and those in our parishes whose service brings them into contact with children are required to fulfill the following:.

All requirements are good for 5 years from the date of completion. The requirements must be renewed every 5 years. How do I get to the store? Go to the school website: There you will find a link for the Spirit Wear Store. Any questions, please contact Tracy or Amy at spiritwear stjoesylvania.

The fall basketball season is rapidly approaching. Please note on Thursday October 6 from 7: There will be two advantages of registering that night. Athletes are reminded that they need to be involved in the religious education program of the parish in order to be eligible for CYO participation. That means the athletes need to either be members of the school or involved in the religious education program.

If athletes do not fulfill one of these two requirements, they will not be eligible for CYO participation. In addition, all athletes must have a CYO player contract as well as a signed acknowledgment form of the concussion information sheet on file. Players not having a signed player contract or a concussion acknowledgment form on file will not be allowed to participate until these requirements are completed.

High School players please note that player contracts need to be completed and on file at the parish office before November 4th or you will not be allowed to participate in the Open Gyms on November 7th. This is our thir d year participating in this worthwhile opportunity.

As parishioners of St. Joseph, we are all members of this community, but this gives us an opportunity to serve the broader community. We have 10 sites secured for September 24 from noon to 3pm. We will be helping these organizations fulfill their needs. We hope that families will take this opportunity to serve together beside other parishioners — what a great way to teach children the meaning of church! We will end our service day with Mass at 4: Joseph, followed by dinner in the Fr.

This is a great way for children to receive service hours; however, please understand that any child under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. But this is not just for families, it is for everyone to take part! Sign-up sheets are available in the back of church at the Parish Nurse table or in the parish office. Go to the parish website, www. Open to 1st Through 8th Grade. Registration Form is located at: If unable to access the site, email TriciaMSeddon gmail. An easy way to show your school spirit!

Please continue to save Box Tops for Education. Below is a flyer to collect your box tops. Send the flyer back to the school office when compete.

In each of the classrooms we have sign-up sheets where you may choose the day you want to have your child's picture taken. There will be a form with information about purchasing photos passed out in the coming weeks after all photos have been taken. If they need a new set of clothes during the day we only have the clothing that you supply to replace their outfit.

If you have not yet turned in a set of clothing pants or shorts, shirt, socks, and underwear for your child please do so. You may even decide to send a couple of outfits in case they need more than one. Perhaps elastic wasted clothing is best for newly potty trained children.

Also, with the cooler weather you may want to consider replacing some items with warmer choices. We believe that this helps to build a better bond between home and school and allows your family to get to know our preschool teachers.

During this short visit the teacher will offer a special activity to share with you and your child. The give and take of this interaction is something that is very special.

Again, this is an optional visit. If you have any further questions, please speak to your child's teacher. We have been reciting prayers in our classrooms. Some of the children have expressed an interest in sharing these prayers with their families.

They are listed below; one is used at snack time and the other is recited at the end of our day. We still have a few spaces left in both the morning and afternoon extended day enrichment classes. Please see me if you would like more information about adding a day to your child's schedule or if you know someone interested in signing up for our preschool program. Please note on your calendars, Friday, September 16 is a scheduled day off for the entire school. Also, let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the days ahead.

This is such an exciting time for us all! Next, click 'Join a Scrip Program. This code allows the ShopWithScrip system to link your account activity with our organization. Our code is 4E5B8LD Next, fill in all the required information and click 'Register.

Keep in mind that your answers are case-sensitive. You can manage your account through your Dashboard, which you can access by clicking the 'Dashboard' link at the top of any page. From here, you can check your account activity, change your profile and password, add, remove, and modify organizations you belong to, and read coordinator announcements.

Looking for a gift? Not sure what's available? Click 'Shop' at the top of the page and use this feature to sort products and browse by category, card type, or rebate percentage. Know exactly what you want? Quickly add the items to your cart using this feature. Order the same products each week? Add these items to a shopping list for easy ordering; then set reminders so you get an email when it's time to place another order. To find out more give SWS a call at , option 3, Send us an email at scrip stjoesylvania.

The response thus far has been amazing! A sample email has been placed below to make it easy for you to reach out-of-town family members who wish to order online. Please make checks payable to St. PTO is excited to support our children as well as the teachers and staff of SJS in the upcoming year. There is a wide variety of ways to get involved.

One way to get involved is to attend our monthly PTO meetings. PTO meetings are typically held in the West Campus meeting room from noon-1 p. Attending meetings can help keep you apprised of school events and activities. It can also introduce you to the various PTO committees if you are considering getting more involved.

Even if you can only make it to one or two meetings, we would love to have you. The more the merrier! If you cannot attend meetings during the day, stay tuned!

We plan to hold at least one morning or evening meeting this school year. In addition, our minutes will be posted on the SJS website following the meetings. Volunteer opportunities will be posted on SchoolSpeak. There are many options and if you are uncertain of what a commitment entails, feel free to contact me. We would love to help find a good fit for your interests and schedule.

Any amount of support you can provide is very much appreciated. All Parents of children ages are cordially invited to attend a Fall Book Study. Join us as we grow in our faith and make new friends along the way! Two meeting options are available. You are welcome to stick to one day and time, or jump between the options based on your weekly schedule. Call the Office of Youth Catechesis and Formation at with questions or to register. Registrations are kindly requested by September 6. Thank you for your presence on yesterday evening, though it was brief.

I had increasing concern for you as tornado watches turned to tornado warnings. As your cell phones and ours signaled an increasing number of warnings, I wanted to make a decision that was in your best interest and that of the children you had at home.

I did not want to wait until it was so late that you could no longer safely get home to your children. The cancellation of the second part of orientation, classroom presentations, and the evacuation of the building took place at 7: It is that part of orientation that we are rescheduling.

I will be sending home tomorrow with each middle school student the date and time for the reschedule of classroom presentations. Parent Orientation, Grade K — 5. This is a reminder that Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Parent Orientation will take place tonight beginning in the church.

Please join at 7: Following a brief introduction to the evening, orientation moves from the church to the classrooms where individual classroom teachers will talk with parents about the coming year. These sessions will be presented three times beginning at 7: Though there is rain predicted for later this afternoon and this evening, we do not have notice of severe weather.

Diocesan guidelines specify that volunteer drivers on field trips be at least 25 years of age and show proof of both a valid driver's license and current insurance. Classroom teachers will request this information throughout the year as field trips approach. This information must be included at the time you volunteer. It is becoming increasingly important for St. Joseph School to know the number of students who qualify within this federally supported initiative.

There are several programs and grants that may be available to the students of St. Joseph that are at least in part dependent on the number of students who demonstrate eligibility. Free lunch benefits at St. Joseph School are among them. If you believe you qualify, please complete the form and return it in a sealed envelope, addressed to Mrs. If you did not receive one, please contact Mrs. Patti Bell, on Friday morning between 7: Picture Day is a non-uniform day for students. However, it is not a Jeans Day.

Casual clothes must be school appropriate. Please check the dress code for details. The annual Confirmation Kick-off event is set for August 31st at 6: All Youth wanting to make their Confirmation in the spring must be in attendance with at least one parent. First Annual Youth Ministry Fair. Parish Youth in Grades 6 — Joseph School grades 6, 7, and 8 are encouraged to attend this event.

Information will be offered about the many ways for young people to be more involved in St. In addition, information about how to earn service hours will be offered. Show your school pride and display your St. We want the community to know the extent of our St. Joseph School Family…dedicated to faith, academics, and service. New yard signs are available in the school office. Please see the document below. All families have received hard copies in their Thursday envelope.

I will begin the annual health screening of our students in the coming weeks. I will be completing health screenings for the students of K- 8. I may need occasional assistance in the clinic, from parents who are Registered Nurses.

This would occur on occasions that I am in the classrooms for a scheduled time or out of the building for a scheduled commitment. This is a fun way to be involved with the school. Any Registered Nurse who believes they might be able to assist in the clinic, should return the bottom portion of this letter through the Thursday Envelope. I will contact anyone who indicates a willingness to help me to discuss what your assistance would involve.

I can be reached through school at for anyone having further questions. I look forward to another year as the School Nurse for St. You can reach me through the school office at Throughout the year, I will be sending out various communications with information or requests that may be of interest to you. Today I have five items that I would like to address:. This year we will have all emergency medical forms completed electronically.

If you have not already completed this information, please complete by August 19th. We will print these forms out so they are available and on file for emergencies, field trips, etc. Joseph School follows diocesan guidelines and Ohio School Law regarding medication administration. Medication will only be given to students by school personnel when written permission is obtained from the physician and the parent.

A medication administration form can be obtained from the school clinic or St. Students may not carry medication during the school day. All medication must be given to the school nurse. If, however, it is medically necessary for a student to store a medication in the classroom, then a special form must be completed by the parent and physician. If the medication needs to be given at school, the pharmacy needs to divide the amount into separately labeled bottles for school and home.

Medications are forgotten when they are brought back and forth daily, meaning an important dosage is missed at home. Medication guidelines noted above apply to prescription as well as over-the-counter medications. If you feel your child may need Tylenol or other over-the-counter medications during the school year, you should have a medication form completed by your family physician and supply a container of medication to the clinic.

Risks of choking on these products while in a classroom setting is increased. Sunscreen use guidelines are available on the St.

Joseph School website and require a separate consent form. Nicholas Choir is a dynamic opportunity for our young people to experience what it means to minister to. Open to all boys and girls in the 4th—8th grades by audition only. Members must also belong to the St. This is an auditioned choir that provides even further opportunity for our young people to sing more challenging music and to enjoy a more in-depth choir experience.

Auditions will held in the church on Wednesday, September 7th, and Wednesday, September 14th , from 4: