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This completely defeats the point of Zone eating. Following any program is tough and I love how organized you are! Making meals Now we divide the total number of blocks up into our daily meals, often it will be 3 main meals and 2 snacks, but you can adjust it as necessary. You could try this: Basically, work backwards, pick your foods then make your meal, not pick your meal then struggle to find a way to balance the ingredients. Zone meal calculator I agree that would be nice I know you will have similar results if you make the commitment to clean eating.

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Zone Diet Calculator

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I want to reduce fat from tummy, thighs, hips and chest. There is no doubt that I am overweight. Do you have any tips to help me? Hi Jaspreet — Your diet is the key for losing fat and keeping it off for a lifetime.

Read our Nutrition article for more information about how to structure a healthy meal plan. Leave this field empty.

Featured April 2, 0. Featured May 11, 0. Featured June 1, 1. Featured July 26, 0. Featured April 6, If you are on a zone diet, take care that your meal should not contain calories beyond , while your snacks should not contain calories which are more than Also, you should drink eight glasses of water everyday.

Every person has a different height, weight, size, and shape. A rule of a particular diet cannot be applicable to everyone as every person's requirement varies when the matter of food is concerned. Hence, a zone diet calculator is required. This diet serves the purpose of making people healthy and also makes them lose some extra pounds, if any. Hence, the diet recommends the consumption of protein which is fat-free. According to the zone diet, lean meat, fish, etc.

In order to calculate a person's protein requirement, certain prior information is required. In addition to this, you will also need to know how many zone blocks should be consumed in a single day. These blocks help to trace the body's meal requirement.

The number of zone diet food blocks a person should consume depends on his height, weight, and age. On an average, males are supposed to consume 14 zone food blocks per day while females are supposed to consume 11 zone food blocks. Information about Zone Diet Calculator A zone diet calculator calculates all the measurements in inches.

It has different criteria for males and females. In males, for the purpose of calculation, weight, height, waist and wrist measurements are required. While in females, weight, height, abdomen, and hip measurements are a must. The weight should be in pounds. Both males and females are also required to render information about their activity level - sedentary, light, moderate, active, or very active.

After obtaining all the above data, the calculator provides the information given below: Many of them can be downloaded free of cost.

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