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Guy Ritchie and wife Jacqui Ainsley attend Annabel's x Dior event
From his Eton school days to his wedding day kiss with Meghan Grip from stranded car. Car 62 as part of a movie set. The white fronts on the cars were a patented safety feature. Economic forecaster known for bearish prediction. ACS Infrastructure Development and a team of other transportation and engineering firms have made a deal with the nonprofit Angels Flight Railway Foundation, which owns the railway, to refurbish it, improve the mechanism, and operate it for thirty years. Collision at Hyde and Beach - Oct On Friday afternoon, car 5 could not stop while descending the hill towards Beach.

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The happy couple, who tied the knot in July , are parents to sons Rafael and Levi and daughter Rivka. Dapper Guy also shares his eldest child Rocco, aged 17, and his adopted son David, aged 12, with Madonna from their former relationship.

Rocco lives with him and Jacqui in London following his much-publicised custody battle with the American singer. Jacqui protected her plunging neckline as she headed home with Guy. Sadie kept her look classic in a chic scarlet dress teamed with brogues. Princess Beatrice was also spotted arriving at the star-studded event. The royal was escorted into the venue by a man clad in a rather jazzy suit. Beatrice donned an elegant black dress and a crushed red velvet jacket.

Sparks first flew when Guy and Jacqui started dating back in before they decided to tie the knot in a romantic ceremony in July The director divulged a rare glimpse into his relationship with his stunning wife.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my wife,' Guy told Entertainment Tonight last year. We just don't argue, you know? She finishes my sentences, and understands what I'm thinking way before I'm thinking it.

I'm lucky enough to be in that position. Cutting a casual figure: Anais Gallagher was rocking a 70s inspired ensemble. Anais looked typically trendy in wide pleated trousers and chunky Doc Marten boots.

She layered a leather jacket on top, emblazoned with a white NYC logo on the back. The youngster added retro white sunglasses as she playfully posed for cameras. Laura Haddock was looking lovely in a cream shirt dress with a leaf pattern. The stunning star set off her look with a pair of simple strappy heels.

Lady Mary Charteris was also in attendance, showing off her legs in a completely see-through skirt. The socialite's edgy attire was perfectly complemented by her rose-hued hairdo. Walk on the wild side: Lady Alice Manners sported a pair of leopard print culottes. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. An exasperated Serena Williams adamantly maintains she did not receive coaching during the US Open in her first sit-down interview since her controversial defeat 'About to die - please send help': Wild horses in North Carolina calmly graze through the worst of Florence Florence likely to expose gaps in flood insurance: Study finds 'wonder pill' doesn't lower heart attack and stroke risks, and can increase bleeding The forgotten milestones: Share this article Share.

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Novichok suspects' drug-fuelled night of 'cannabis and I saw him fly by Friday morning on his way to deliver an address on cyber security at Stanford. In the afternoon, he attended a fund raiser on Russian Hill, which shut down the Hyde Street cable car.

Big Rainstorm - December The heaviest rainstorm in many years hit the Bay Area on the night of December 10 and all day on the 11th. Most schools in the Bay Area were closed on Thursday. The authorities encouraged people to work from home if they could. The CABLE Liner Shuttle uses an endless cable and an automatic grip in each car which allows the cars to stop and start at the stations.

The Doolittle Maintenance Facility by the edge of the airport houses the powerhouse, which drives one cable to the Coliseum BART station and one to the airport station. Cal Cable Shutdown - November California Street cable cars were shut down because a window washer fell 11 stories from the Kohl Building and landed on the roof of a moving automobile at California and Montgomery.

The auto broke his fall, and the window washer survived. The driver was not hurt. The cable cars were blocked for a while by emergency vehicles. It had been built new, except for the roof, to commemorate the centennial of the cable car in Its buiilders tried to reproduce the earliest appearance of the Powell Street cars. Many of the features had been lost over the last 40 years. Now they have been restored. I have heard that it runs noisily, which is common until wooden trams loosen up in service, and that the distinctive signs on the front dash are locked, so the shop crew has to change them if the car is assigned to a different line.

Hyde Street Shutdown - September The Powell-Hyde line was shut down "until further notice" because of issues with the cable. Cal Cable Shutdown - September California Street cable cars were shut down because of a fatal shootout at the corner of California and Battery.

A high speed chase from Richmond via the San Rafael and Golden Gate bridges ended at that intersection when the suspect's car overturned. He began shooting at people and the police eventually shot him. George W Hilton , economist and tranist historian, who wrote the most important book on the subject of cable cars, The Cable Car in America , has passed away. Muni Sickout - June Transit workers unhappy with a net pay cut offerred by management had a sickout on June 2 through 4.

The cable cars were shut down Monday through Wednesday. It reopened on March I was able to visit in May and enjoyed it immensely. The beautiful Abbott Downing stagecoach still sits in the front window, but much has changed. The skeleton stagecoach that people can sit in has moved downstairs.

There are more interactive exhibits. I liked the telegraph key connected to a key in the Portland, Oregon museum. Nobody responded when I tried it. A model of a Clay Street Hill Railroad cable car. I recently received an email from Eric Minoff of Bonhams, the auction house. Cox Jr , which will be held on May My wife says I don't have any place to put it, so I can't bid on it. I hope it has found a good home. San Francisco History Expo 4 - March People lined up, waiting to get in when the expo opened at 11am.

There were some new exhibitors this year, including the Odd Fellows. The Friends of the Cable Car Museum were kind enough to share some of their space with the group restoring Ocean Shore Railroad car The Friends of the Cable Car Museum were in a new position, as were many other groups.

The Friends' web site had been down for over a week, but it has since been fixed. MSR volunteers Dominic and Julian. I had a good chat with young volunteers Dominic and Julian. A poster advertising the Expo. The following week, the Chronicle carried a story saying that the city was unhappy with the progress made by the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society in renovating and retrofitting the Mint and may turn it over to the California Historical Society.

Fare Gouging Proposal - February Cable car riders are forced to pay six dollars, three times the regular Muni fare. This is a bad idea. Regular San Francisco people depend on the F line and they do not all have monthly passes. He rang a bell as he marched. Worried that people celebrating a victory might damage the cars, Muni took the precaution of pulling them in and de-energizing the electric overhead on Market Street.

The 49ers lost the game I don't watch football much, but that was an exciting game. All three cable car lines were covered by buses until about 1: I was walking to lunch and noticed a bus laying over at California and Drumm. Come hear the barbershop harmonies of the SF Cable Car Chorus performing a whole bunch of old songs you know, and all of the verses you don't!

Police told all businesses lining the square to use their back doors. The package proved to be harmless. No one was injured. The operator of Angels Flight blamed the derailment on an electrical interruption that caused the emergency brake to engage. Apparently the brake lifted the car off the rails. It includes a page on "How to Ride Cable Cars. Despite the title, which seems inflammatory, the article takes an even-handed approach.

I give them credit for allowing me to present the other side. I pointed out that: They operate in some of the most congested streets in the city. They also jump off before the car has come to a stop. The crew tries to get them behave, but at times it can be like herding cats. The cable cars represent late 19th Century technology on the streets of the 21st Century. If they get cut cut off going up a hill above a certain gradient, they have to back down.

They encouraged audience participation. The show started late because it was sold out and there was a line out the door waiting to get in at 6: The first part was a trivia quiz with prizes.

Then they showed several short movies and clips from movies. I had seen some, like the films of Sutro Baths burning, but I had not seen many of the others. The audience was fascinated by the Playland films. The auction after it closed was sad. The demolition of the Fox Theater depressed everyone. There were many views of cable cars. Woody LaBounty made a comment that we were going to be seeing lots of Powell and Market. Amoung the scenes was a nice overhead shot from the s.

I remember when people would jump on the car while it was on the turntable. It was a wonderful show and I was happy when they announced at the end that they were going to repeat it because of the great demand.

Eskenazi, inspired by a recent Associated Press article on how much cable cars cost the city in accident-related damage awards, says that they cost the cities in other ways. He feels that the Municipal Transportation Agency, which is always low on funds, should not be forced to subsidize the cable cars, which are mostly used by visitors, the same way it subsidizes other bus and rail services which are mostly used by working San Franciscans.

He says "Maintaining cable cars for city tourists while struggling to provide core transit service is a bit like polishing the heirloom china for the guests while sending the kids to school with no shoes. But no amount of cold-hearted empirical analysis will sever city residents' emotional attachment to the cable cars.

It would also take a citywide election to scrap the cars. Perhaps the Municipal Transportation Agency should, too. There were some new exhibitors this year, including ThinkWalks. It was nice to meet with Joel Pomerantz in person. Don Holmgren and Mike Phipps pose in front of the world's largest cable car bell.

I'm looking forward to Woody's new book about Ingleside Terrace. There was an auction which involved placing tickets in boxes on the tables of various exhibitors. I won second place from the Presidio Historical Association , a one-year membership.

I am looking forward to it. Wells Fargo, which sponsored the expo, had a nice exhibit. Cable Car Accident - February Powell Street car 25, outbound on the Powell-Hyde line between Washington and Jackson hit a large bolt apparently jammed in the slot or the conduit.

This caused the car to stop suddenly, injuring seven people, including both crew members. Preliminary findings indicate that the bolt came from a hatch in the conduit. I was walking along Market Street one day this week and I noticed that I could barely see the California Street cable car terminal at California and Drumm. It was surrounded by board and plastic fencing. I think the crews are doing sewer work.

The Wurlington Bros Press produces a series of postcards which can be cut and folded to produce models of landmarks and vehicles. One of their models represents California Street cable car Another is a BART car. Their site is worth a visit.

Articles in various sources reported on the erection of columns along Hegenberger Road which will support the 3. The authors have done an excellent job of explaining the history of the cable cars and how they fit into the broader history of San Francisco, and how cable cars work. The diagrams which illustrate the lines of the various companies and how various aspects of the technology work are really excellent.

You can order the book on the Friends website. The title comes from an Al Tolf cartoon. I was stuck at work. Cable Car Clothiers has opened in its new location on Sutter Street. He rode a motorized cable car between the gigs. Fox showed an overhead view of the car making slow progress and an idiot in the studio called it a "trolley bus.

I spotted a sign saying that Cable Car Clothiers was having a moving sale. The store was leaving its location at Bush and Sansome to return to Sutter Street. I stopped by the Hyatt Regency on my way to give a walking tour and I found a series of exhibits in the lobby. The exhibit included photos, text and samples of cable. If the 49ers had won, 49th Street in Manhattan would have been temporarily renamed "49ers Street". The New York Giants won , so cable car 21, which was already in a close approximation of New York's red and blue colors, got decorated.

The car is painted in Muni's s green and cream livery. I talked to a group of 6 to 12 year olds from Brightworks School about cable cars after a walk around the cable car barn.

It was too loud to talk inside. We took a walk up to Huntington Square so they could eat lunch and I could talk a bit and then answer questions. They enjoyed the noon bells at Grace Cathedral.

They had some good questions like "What is the difference between a cable car and a bus? I had a very good time. The Powell Street Promenade is part of the city's program of introducing neighborhood parklets. On street corners along Powell from Ellis to Geary, there are aluminum platforms with planters and railings.

They may provide good spots for photographing cable cars. I stood on the platform on the west side of Powell near Geary with my new camera and took this photo of car Angels Flight Returns - July Angels Flight , the Los Angeles funicular that returned to service in after a fatal accident in , had been ordered to shut down in June, because of excessive wear on the wheel flanges of its two cars.

It returned to service on July, just in time for me to make a visit to Angels Flight. Photos I took during our visit to Angels Flight , as an animated gif, courtesy of gifka. Outbound car 56 climbs toward Kearny with a load of passengers. The California Street line was closed down on December for upgrading and refurbishment for the first time since the reconstruction.

Cars returned to service on June, with an official ribbon cutting at California and Drumm on June Operators Reject Contract - June Muni operators rejected a new labor contract which had been agreed to by union leadership. An artbitrator ordered them to accept the terms. Angels Flight Ordered Shut Down - June The California Public Utilities Commission ordered that Angels Flight , the Los Angeles funicular that returned to service in after a fatal accident in , to shut down immediately because of excessive wear on the wheel flanges of its two cars.

The foundation which operates the line says it was planning to replace the wheels. The replacement may take several weeks, or may take much longer. I have mixed feelings on the subject.

As part of the ongoing system refurbishment, Powell Street cars were down again from May to June. Because of Central Subway work on Stockton street, the replacement buses stopped on the diagonally opposite corner at Powell and Ellis streets, Southwest instead of Northeast.

The Hyde Street line is shut down for five days. Buses are carrying riders from Powell and Jackson to Hyde and Beach. The Powell-Mason line is shut down from March 28 to April 1. I walked by Powell and Market on March and saw some confused tourists. The sign on the left was prepared for the planned shutdown. The sign on the right was apparently improvised when the line shut down early. The California Street line was scheduled to be down from January to June for upgrading and refurbishment for the first time since the reconstruction.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the cable on December Muni judged that it wasn't worth fixing the cable for a short time, so service ended early. Muni has not announced a date for work on Powell Street. Conductor Stabbed on Mason Street - November News reports say that a cable car conductor from a car that was out of service was stabbed in an apparent random act of violence.

There were no passengers aboard the car. The conductor was sent to the hospital in critical condition. The police followed a trail of blood to a nearby apartment, where they arrested a suspect. The piece started with a trip down Market street in electric streetcar The story discusses Dave Kiehn's work which proved that the movie was shot in , rather than as had been commonly believed, and may have been shot in April, close to the 18th.

I would not second guess the men and women of the Cable Car Division, but I think it might have been better publicity to go and use the assembled cameras and microphones to make a statement about the current state of labor relations.

It was reported to be very popular. Powell Street car went in Smart Cards on Cable Cars - July Clipper, formerly known as FastTrack, is a smart card that allows users to store passes or money for various regional transit agencies.

When the San Francisco Municipal Railway introduced Clipper, training or warning appears to have been minimal. The problem was particularly critical on the cable cars, where conductors have to use a hand-held scanner to read the cards. Many riders have reported problems. A fire destroyed the original line.

They believe a new funicular will be good for business. Second Gripwoman - April Congratulations to Willa Johnson, who became only the second woman to make it through the training program and become a gripwoman. The first gripwoman, Fannie Mae Barnes , retired a few years ago. New Upgrade and Refurbishment Plan - March Muni announced plans to upgrade and refurbish the cable car lines for the first time since the reconstruction.

The California Street line will be down from January to June The line has been redesigned to add safety features that were omitted when the line was restored in Not sleepers, just rail cars built by Pullman. It is an impressive work, more than pages listing Pullman passenger and freight car orders from the s until the end of He gives as much detail as he could find for each order, including the lot number, the company that placed the order, the numbers of the cars, the order quantity, the capacity in pounds of the cars, the type, the weight, the capactity in cubic feet , the inside length, the plant, the date built, the floor plan Pullman had standard numbered plans , and the unit cost.

This book will be a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in any of the hundreds of railroads that ordered cars and trucks from Pullman. Order the book using Eric's website follow the Eric's Books link: The current system is in two sections and passengers transfer in the middle. The upgraded system will run directly from the top to the bottom. The work is scheduled to be complete by September, but people regard that date with skepticism.

I enjoyed learning more about San Francisco's Carville neighborhood. He gives a well-documented history of the growth of Carville from a single shack to a neighborhood with water, electric power, a school, and a firehouse.

He frames the story with his dream of buying a house in San Francisco. I also appreciated the way the author included Gelett Burgess and his writings about Carville. Order the book using the supporting website: Part of the line became a counterbalance.

John Diers, a local rail historian had warned them that they might find artifacts. I'm happy they listened to him. The yoke may be preserved and included in a historic display at Union Depot. City to Buy Cable Car Museum Collection - October The Examiner reports that the City and the Cable Car Museum have reached a deal for the city to purchase the historic cable cars and other artifacts in the museum's collection.

There was a dispute over the value of the priceless items. The videos are aimed at home schooled kids, but they are suitable for everyone. They just rolled out a video about cable cars.

A seventh grader interviewed me and did a really good job. You can see the video here: Meet Me at the Corner There are lots of other videos on interesting topics check out the one on falconry at the US Air Force Academy , and guidelines for kids who want to make their own and submit them. Leonard Oats, winner of the last three contests, 5-time champion Bryon Cobb and 3-time champion Ken Lunardi describe the contest, talk about their own individual styles and offer a glimpse of what it is like to prepare for and compete in the annual event at Union Square.

Four people were injured. You can view it here: The characters are cute. Byron Cobb pulled grip and Duane Allen was conductor. I thought it was held in June instead of July because of the 25th anniversary of the return of the cable cars in , however they never mentioned it at the contest.

A sign on the side of car 9 advertises the Bell Ringing Contest. Photo by Joe Thompson. Another Transformer Explosion - June An underground transformer near Polk and O'Farrell exploded, scaring crews and passengers at the outer end of the California Street line. A transformer exploded on June near California and Drumm, shutting down service for a while. Damage to the cable cars, 10 and 24, was not major. The collection includes unique items such as the Clay Street Hill Railroad's grip car 8, the only surviving car from that pioneering line, and the Sutter Street Railway's grip car 46 and trailer 54, which ran on the Pacific Avenue fragment after the Earthquake and Fire and then operated in a pageant at the fair on Treasure Island.

The Friends and the city are far apart in their ideas of the value of the collection. The vendor sent representatives to see why an almost-new cable kept having loose strands and other problems. SUV runs into Cable Car - January On a drizzly afternoon, an inbound California Street car slid down from Mason to Powell and clipped an inbound Powell Street car, which was waiting to pick up the rope after crossing the California Street tracks.

No one was hurt. Val Lupiz created this invitation for the luncheon. Powell Cable Stopped - October The Powell Street cable was stopped for most of the day by an early-morning loose strand.

Trainz Cable Car Simulation - September Norm Phythian, working from Australia, has created a Trainz simulation, referred to as a map, representing San Francisco's cable car lines. Sel Churchward has created representations the tracks and of cable cars to run on the lines.

They both do nice work. You can learn more on the Trainz discussion forum: Car 23 by Sel Churchward. Sel Churchward produced this version of Cal Cable Added more about the simulation on the Cable Car Models page. Pedestrian Dies - August The Chronicle reported that an elderly lady who was hit by a cable car at Mason and Broadway early in the morning on August had died in San Francisco General Hospital.

California Street Collison - August The Chronicle reports that an inbound California Street cable car rear-ended another cable car car at California and Drumm this morning.

Four passengers were injured. This curve was poorly redesigned when the system was rebuilt in The crew got off of the car to push. When it started rolling down the hill on Washington, the gripman jumped on the back platform and passed through the cabin. He found that the front cabin door was jammed and he could not get through. The car hit the curve into Powell too fast and derailed. Muni stated that the crew may have broken the rules by not keeping one person the car while it was out in the street.

He was a good guy and was always generous about sharing his knowledge. Val wrote a very good article about his memories of transit in San Francisco, "San Francisco: That Was the City That Was".

Explosion at California and Drumm - June Manhole covers flew through the air by the terminal of the California Street line, where I had been standing just the day before. Pacific Gas and Electric was trying to determine the cause.

Cal cable service was interrupted for a while. Rebuilt Car 25 Rolls out - May Rebuilt car 25 went into revenue service after a complete rebuilding. There are big obstacles before them, but I hope that it will work. The counter shot through the roof. The book uses large, colorful photographs and graphics, and simple, clear text, to describe cable cars and the people who work on them and ride them. I enjoyed reading it.

California Cable Unstranded - September Val Lupiz took this photo at California and Drumm after the cable unstranded and caught car 52, which rear-ended car 59, which rear-ended car Fortunately, the cars were laying over at the end of the line and no one was hurt. Photo by Val Lupiz. Val Lupiz reports that he was laying over at California and Drumm when the cable unstranded and caught in the grip of car No one was hurt, and the crews of 59 and 54 were able to throw the cable out of the grip and stop the procession.

The cars were not damaged. The cable was down for the rest of the day. Val spotted hybrid bus on the replacment shuttle. He wished he could have ridden it to see how it handled the hill. Pedestrian Injured - June The San Francisco Chronicle reported that an elderly lady, reported to crossing against the light at Mason and Pacific, was struck by a cable car and her left foot was pinned under a wheel.

The white stripes, cleaned up by Mal to make them more visible, are marble markers that signalled the gripman to drop the rope. Photo by Mal Rowe. Mal reported that "The track, the slot, and even a glimpse of the yoke and tunnel are all there to see. The paving blocks are red-gum blocks Thanks to Mal for the use of two of his photographs. More information and photographs in my Melbourne article.

Edinburgh -- Revenge of the Cable Trams - April An article in The Scotsman report that engineers preparing for Edinburgh's new tram system have been surprised to discover that many of the streets still contain the conduits from Edinburgh's cable tram system, which was electrified in Further studies will have to determine whether the conduits are strong enough to support the new trams.

The article made sure to mention that cable tram were invented by a Scot. Conductors point out that their primary task is to ensure the safety of riders and to work the rear brakes.

The cars and trackway have been renovated, and work should start soon on replacing the driving machinery and adding some safety devices that had not been included when the line was restored in The article stresses how the neighborhood has changed since the accident.

Cable Cars" - November KGO Channel 7 ran an "investigative" piece saying that Department of Transporation records indicate that cable cars have the highest accident rate of any type of Muni vehicle.

I posted a rebuttal on their blog: In comparing the accident rates of cable cars and other forms of transit in San Francisco, it is important to remember that cable cars operate in some of the most congested streets in the city. Cable car crews have suggested that the accident rate would be much better if the city put more effort into enforcing traffic and parking regulations on the streets where the cable cars operate.

Dear Friends and Merchants: Our annual Luncheon has become an event eagerly looked forward to by many seniors. For some, this may be their only opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with a hot meal and warm companionship. Through the cooperation and volunteer services of many of our own Cable Car Division personnel, the Luncheon has become a rousing success, bringing a much needed boost to these sometimes forgotten people, during what can often be a difficult and lonely holiday season.

We hope to carry on this tradition with your generous help. Transportation for attendees will be provided by special shuttle buses provided by Muni and operated by Cable Car personnel. We would gratefully accept any contributions, but we do particularly request donations of foods cooked meats, vegetables, drinks, rolls and pastries, salads, etc.

Any monetary donations or items that could be used as door prizes are also very much welcomed. The photo is from Photo by Ken Malucelli. Looking up Greenwich Street as two cars enter the passing track Source: Note the funicular car at the upper terminal and the time ball on the roof.

The time ball dropped at noon to allow captains on the bay to set their chronometers. I remember when a later version of the ball was located on the Pacific Bell Building on New Montgomery. It has not been long since it was necessary to climb the steep ascent on foot if you wished to enjoy what is, on a clear day, a fine prospect. Now, the means of climbing Telegraph Hill add considerably to the attractiveness of the excursion. It is a cable car which seems to be attached permanently to the rope.

The car is stopped and started again by means of an electric signal made by the conductor, which is responded to at some distant point by stopping the cable, instead of letting go of it as usual.

Whether this is a measure of safety on perhaps the steepest decline ever climbed by cars, or a mere matter of convenience, it strikes the average passenger very forcibly with its ingenuity.

The observatory on Telegraph Hill is very completely furnished with telescopes, field-glasses and other conveniences, and has also a restaurant, and is used by the population as a pleasure resort.

Looking up Greenwich Street from Columbus in January, The Telegraph Hill Railroad followed this street, including a portion which no longer exists. Photograph courtesy of the Museum of the City of San Francisco. Fillmore Hill Counterbalance car. April, Picture of the Month. The white fronts on the cars were a patented safety feature.

The camera looks downhill from Broadway. November, Picture of the Month. There must have been a third car waiting at the top of the hill. Counterbalance car meets its partner at Fillmore and Vallejo. From the Apr San Francisco News: The two cable cars on Fillmore-St's steep hill always cross at Vallejo-St, but one reaches the intersection just enough ahead of the other to divert a stranger's attention.

Fixit suggests that a warning be placed on Vallejo-St, on each side of the intersection. This view, looking east across Fillmore-St, shows the added hazard of having to look over the hill.

Notice, too, the youngsters clinging to the side of the cable car" Source: Go to top of page. The Fairfax Incline Railway. Looking up the line of the Fairfax Incline Railway. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

Use your browser's "Back" button to return. The Fairfax Incline Railway's single car next to a promotional sign which reads: September, Picture of the Month. The Sky Tram approaches the station at Point Lobos.

The man-made waterfalls contained salt water. A frame grab from Tullio Pellegrini's amateur film shot around San Francisco.

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