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Respond to this Question Report Favorite. Just a month of willpower, focus, and intent. This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. It is impossible to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. If so, how did it go for you? And I usually follow all these sessions with another 20 minutes of underwater speed drills. They are there to make it more livable if you need it.

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I love this lifestyle.. A friend told me about the keto diet and decided to give it a try, I mean what did I have to lose except fat and discouragement??? My result is that I have lost 37 pounds in 3 months and am feeling better about myself everyday.

I still have a ways to go to reach my goal weight but now I am positive that I can get there!!! If I can do it, it is proof that anyone can reach their goals!!! I had a slow start and got really disappointed in occassion but I just kept at it. I have given up coffee, sodas, sugar…. I drink LOTS of water! I use stevia instead of sugar…. I got rid of the junk food and high carb products out of my home. I was once pounds and with Keto the most amazing diet I ended up losing pounds! Here is my story.

I ended up completing in miss universe Ireland and was so proud to have placed top I want to help inspire and motivate people on this way of life. I love it and I think the world needs to know how amazing our diet is. I feel amazing and have so much energy now after living years of being exhausted all the time. Before that, I was taking in about 5, to 6, calories a day when I went cold turkey. My detox lasted about 7 days.

The 3rd day was the worst. Once I made it through the nausea and migraine the rest was ok. Tuesday of this week will make 12 weeks! My weigh in on September 19th was I love interment fasting.

I eat my meals at 12pm and 4pm and I fast the other 20 hours each day. My gym routine gets a little more intense every day now but started out very basic.

I do that 7 days a week. I did this by myself. I did all the research. Good luck to anyone starting your journey the first few months will be intense but when people begin to notice it makes it worth it.

I keep it simple, nothing fancy, no crazy recipes and no keto breads and sweets just yet. I have lost 50lbs and feel amazing and have so much more energy. No BPC, not a big coffee drinker. This is the only WOE that I have been able to lose weight in years and stick to it. No exercise yet but I do want to incorporate some weights soon. I have also been taken off of one of my two hypertension medicines, I am no longer pre-diabetic, I no longer have bleeding ulcers which were verified by another endoscopy, and my migraines have ceased completely.

Being metabolically resistant and over the age of 45, I have had absolutely no luck with any other way of eating until now. For about a month prior to starting this way of eating I researched everything I could about the ketogenic lifestyle. I quickly learned to check every single thing I put into my body and record my macros on MyFitnessPal which helps me keep accountable for each day.

My main tips would be to try to drink as much water every day that you can, keep yourself accountable by keeping track of your Macros in MyFitnessPal or any of the other keto app, check everything that goes in your body for carbs.

If you get a craving for chocolate, have a couple squares of a dark chocolate candy bar, or a fat bomb. They definitely squelch my cravings. Basically you just need to decide that you want to commit to this long-term lifestyle and put it into motion. I feel pretty again and can finally have a summer of sleeveless without feeling ashamed.

Went from almost a size 16 to a size 6. Bought my first ever two piece bathing suit. I first heard about Keto through my cousin. She started having seizures again and her dr recommended it.

Not only did she stop having seizures she lost a lot of weight. My mom and I started and are not only losing weight but my moms blood sugars went from the s down to mid s. Btw flax meal works great as a breadcrumb alternative. Thanks for whoever came up with this diet. One of the reasons I am doing this because of my diabetes. My blood sugars are out of control. Day 3 of the Keto diet and my BS are down to I am so excited.

This is the best diet ever!!!!!!!! I get to eat so many things that I love and never feel hungry later. I went from After staying under calories a day and running 12 miles a day with no weight loss I was done! One last thing I needed was another diet plan weight watchers and nutri system did nothing. It is the first time in 5 years the scale is going in the opposite direction! But the pounds were falling off!

I am happy to say the last thing I tried worked! Trust me I know where you are, I know how you feel you must commit to everything you do for 90 days and I have done them all.

I have countless books on my disease and losing weight! I started the ketogenic diet on my own. I dropped 53 pounds in 6 months.

I am off all my meds and am being called Pre diabetic now. I started the plan again 2 days ago and I love it…. Low carb is definitely the way. My joints even feel better. I am just over a month into the Keto way of life and down 15 pounds.

It is the first time in my 42 years that I feel this is a lifetime way of living for me to be healthy and not just a fad diet for a short time.

I am 4 years post RAI! I was just going through the motions of life in a haze. Keto has given me my life back. The fog has lifted. I gained so much weight, had no sex life with my husband, and was just super unhealthy.

Started keto in May and it has totally reversed me. I have lost Plus im giving up smoking as well and i havent had a bit of a craving for anything. And my blood pressure is decreasing. I have lost 28 pounds. Things that I noticed. I use to have a burning in my left foot. Now it is gone.

I feel really good. I really feel like sugar was the root of a lot of my problems. I have suffered with Rosacea for the last 12 years. Loving this lifestyle change! I have lost 8kg.

I got clothes better. My mood has stabilised. Loss of 26lbs and falling. I consider Keto life-saving. The biggest plus so far is the lost of inflammation in my 48 year old joints. I have no joint pain for the first time in years. Oh, and my cholesterol dropped 40 points. Have lost 24 lbs but more importantly my diabetes is under control and i had my medication for it cut in half. I sleep better i have more energy.

Saw my cardiologist and all of my labs are fantastic. Because I am feeling so great, I can exercise more. Not a day goes by without a walk or swim and I close my wrings on the watch. Still need to shed more pounds, one day at a time.

I am working to lower my A1C and lower my cholesterol numbers. Oh, and I think my Lupus symptoms are better. I feel better anyway. I notice I feel better, need less sleep and my clothes fit better. Also better mental clarity and overall health. I started in July lost 35lbs.. I started at a size 20 and im now a So much more energy. I started this diet as a last resort to treat migraines.

I had tried every medication and my neurologist had told me there was nothing left to try. I had migraines pretty much every single day. Mental clarity, no brain fog, better sleep, no bloating, no acid reflux.

Digestive tract much happier. Nails, skin and hair all becoming healthier. She has more energy and eats less. Lost 24 pounds in 1 month. My lazy self is gone. Amazing what you can get done when you are not avoiding things. And I love cooking again! Been sticking to it strictly with plans to have a carb meal once I hit 20 lost. My total goal is 60 lbs lost. My appetite has totally changed for the better. I also use Ketostix daily just to reassure myself.

I feel in control of my body instead of the other way around. I noticed mental clarity, no appetite, increased energy levels, my muffin top is getting smaller, and the best of all; a dramatic reduction in seizures!

I have lost 10 lbs without exercise. I was literally swelling and had no idea why before I started! So The water weight came off quickly! Within week one I saw and felt a difference. I didnt realize how emotional I was before, I was mostly sad and grumpy, trying to be happy.

I am not craving sweets right after I eat. Some of the benefits are: I have more energy and no longer crash in the afternoons. I sleep great, my teeth feel cleaner and whiter. Also my teeth feel amazing haha so clean all the time! Almost so close 30 pounds gone since August 4!

My resting heart rate is down 10 points. I am sleeping better. Cravings are mostly gone. I can fast for 14 hours with hardly any problems. Just completed week Old Fat Man" who decided to change my life style and take some good advice from NowLoss. I just wanted to make my girl proud of me and be able to go for a walk to somewhere other than the fridge without huffing and puffing and having to stop for a rest every feet while she stood there waiting for me.

If I can do it anyone can. I was an old TV couch potato with a beer in one hand and an 18 inch pizza in the other and would make 5 or 6 trips to the fridge even in the middle of the night to eat what ever I could find.

From the pictures you can see what your good advice did for me and I am not done yet. Thank you so very much for that "Good Advice" on NowLoss. Thanks for the motivation!! Hi Adrian, first of all, i want to compliment and thank you for all the work you put into nowloss.

It's a great tool for people like me in their battle against weightissues. I've been using your plan , and over the past year i lost 22kg, and I've been able to keep them off. I've been reborn and really love sports again, so much that i have applied for the firedepartement here in Antwerp Belgium. I can't believe it! These are my results from doing your plan.

A total of 65 pounds lost in 4 months. People that haven't seen me for a while are in shock of my transformation. Last time I wrote you I lost about 50 now I'm down over 80 I'm looking to becoming a personal trainer soon thank you for your free help you've inspired me to help people and without NowLoss.

Look at the success you've help create. I lost 66 pounds going from to I have been following this site for years it's bookmarked as a fave and I've finally decided to take the plunge and change my life by following your guide. My question to you is: I have Graves' Disease which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the body, specifically the thyroid that causes my heart rate to skyrocket when doing strenuous exercise.

Is there anything low impact that you can recommend that won't raise my heart rate too high? Or should I just stick with trying to stay within my calorie range on my diet? Adrian, are there any specific types foods to avoid for weight loss or as long as you count their calories you should be fine? Also, does volume of food have an impact as well?

I wasn't sure because 3 cucumbers probably has less calories but more volume than a slice of pizza but that pizza would take up less volume. Hello Adrian, I am entering my last year of high school and it starts in 3 weeks, I found your website and channel in the beginning of last July, I tried doing your workouts and eating right but my parents won't allow me to go on strict diets or do intermetting fasting because of my health, I gained 2 pounds from these 2 months and I feel that i wasted so much of my time and I feel depressed.

I currently weigh pounds, I just want to lose weight until my school year finishes. If there is any advice you can offer, I will be very thankful. I have been doubting myself for too long. I'll never give up, I can still make a difference, I need to lose weight. I have to lose weight!!!!!! Hello I am lbs, I reached a plateu and as much as I do not want to rely on fat burners I need a boost. I currently take garcinia cambogia. I battle with leaving sweets alone and it shows mainly in my stomach.

I workout 4 to 5 days a week for at least an hour at the gym and bike riding. I eat healthy drink nothing but water, I feel that at the moment I cannot get out of the lb range. Please help me on a supplement, when it comes to everything else I am fine. I just started going healthy on June 4th. I am 4'10'' I have been going to the gym every night after work. I work out for 2 hrs. Cardio and weight lift. I like to drop 50lbs by Nov, and by March I am hoping to be lbs.

I want to be tone and continue to weight lift. I have been doing my calorie count. I try to stay at 1,, daily with excersise. I started my weight loss journey 7 months ago an I have lost 55 pounds so far, but for the last two months I have been going up and down the same 5 pounds.

I lost the weight with mostly calorie reduction and cardio. I don't know what to do now. I currently weigh and started at I'm also a 5'2 female. I track my calories in my fitness pal and eat no more than calories a day. I would like to at least lose another 30 pounds. What would you recommend doing? I need help please! Hello Adrian, I'm Teja weighing 91kgs with 5. Im trying to lose my weight permanently 50lbs. I started your 50lbs plan three days ago. But there is no weight loss not even water weight loss.

Please tell me what I should do to lose my stubborn weight. Im also doing intermittent fasting for 16hrs along with your diet plan And using my fitness pal to track my calories. According to my weight I'm having Calories per day. Is it more or less, please suggest me what do And how to do. Please help me in my weight loss Journey. I've constantly told to drink more water if you wanna to loss weight, without having to fight cravings. I decided to go with you for several reasons.

The main reason I am working out with you is because you are so f—ing entertaining. I have been following your advices for long time and nowadays I look totally diferent thanks to you but I don"t manage to loose the extra fat on the lumbar area and I have got diastasis recti I am working to close it and I cannot twist or rotate as it makes the gap worse.

Can you recommend me a diferent exercise to work that area? Hi Adrian, I have been stalking your site and your YouTube channel. I have shared with all my family and friends your site and I have put my children on it but I am scared to start. My son is 12 and already 87kgs but I see a change already.

My daughter is 5 and 34kgs. I watch them workout and sweat but I am shy not shy but ashamed that am this huge. I just felt the need to write this down. I have started intermittent fasting mainly eating at 1pm and 6pm, I know I need to move but I can't lose weight at all. I workout 5 times a week, on the elliptical going as hard as I cam heart monitor says bpm for 45 minutes each time. I have yet to lose weight. I've gained and my belly is huge. I have been following your plan since 19th March and started intermittent fasting on the 19th of March for 8 hours of eating and 16 hours fasting everyday!

I follow a clean balanced diet with multivitamins taken everyday and green tea x2 a day and 2 litres of water a day! I drink a shake of oatmeal blended with chia seeds with soya milk for lunch everyday with some vanilla extract for flavour!

I do not eat breakfast because of intermittent fasting! I also have a balanced large meal for dinner baked all in oven roughly sometime between calories. I just started drinking the apple cider vinegar weight loss drink since Sunday and did your jumping jacks with the walk, jog, walk workout in one day and I weighted myself today, I am This apple cider vinegar has increased my weight loss because usually within 2 days I would lose about 0.

My apple cider vinegar was taken twice a day and it has to be the Bragg product one, I added a bit of ginger powder and cayenne pepper with a squeeze of lemon juice. And it has been a miracle thank you again! Hello Adrian i've been doing your jumping jacks workouts and ski steps , and i noticed that my leg fat doesn't reduce , i usually had a huge leg muscles and even when i lost weight i still have those huge leg muscles , is it true that the the jumping jacks workouts don't work to reduce it and is there any solution for it?

Hi Adrian, I am using fatburner supplememt with wphedrine. Can i continue usint it? How long should i use it and cycling it? I currently weigh about pounds and my height is around 5'3.

I am an office worker so most of the day I am sitting down. I work long hours 7: My goal is to lose 70 pounds, please let me know how i can achieve this by September as I am going on a trip then. Hello Sir, I'm 56 years old, a college student,and a single Mom. I'm tired of being fat! My problem is not that I eat a lot, its being in pain. I'm in pain everyday and I try not to take any pain meds except for an aspirin or an occasional Motrin.

I have a rebuilt spine and left knee. I walk on campus and often need help getting up if I sit to long. I'm able to do the walking as described in the video Thanks, because I can not do all those squats , but I'm concerned about adding the extra weights.

The bulk of my weight is mid-drift and nothing looks good on me. I have to buy bigger to go around all that belly fat and I look and feel terrible. The only thing that works with the stiffness and pain are prenatal vitamins.

Should I be taking them because other multivitamins make me nauseated? I'm going to give this a try.

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