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The irked minister heaped a series of accusations on Latheef as well as several other STF officers even naming them. Lin 4 John Richard Setterberg, Jr. You can also show the coupon on your phone at the door. In person readings, by phone or Skype. Some companies had the same labels as the mono counterparts with a stereo overprint, such as Jamie, while other companies had a special label design for their stereo issues, such as Original Sound. In later life he transformed into a playwright translating and adapting many works of William Shakespeare into Sinhala. Scott Powers Studios, Inc.

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Much rhetoric has been used in various media over the years, and recently too, on the subject of patriots and traitors. I feel constrained to express my views as well. Genuine patriotism is not easy to define. And the use of rhetoric often infuses the term with a very narrow content.

We recognize this in Edward Snowden, who acted against the interests of his country the U. Rajapaksa Memorial Museum at Weeraketiya. All the accused including Rajapaksa and six others were released on bail in Rs , cash and two sureties in Rs 1 million each and their passports impounded when the case came up for hearing yesterday The Judges said that if they needed to travel overseas they would need to get the permission of the court.

The Permanent High Court-at-Bar set up to hear high-profile financial frauds and corruption cases yesterday served indictments on former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and six others. This is in connection with an incident that the D. Rajapaksa Museum and Memorial in Medamulana was built using public funds amounting to Rs.

President Maithripala Sirisena said that he is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on September 24 and he would make a statement to vindicate the Security Forces from all allegations levelled against them. Admiral Wijegunaratne had left for Doha on a Qatar Airways flight at 3.

The serving Chief of Defence staff is reportedly travelling to Mexico to attend the Mexico national day celebrations on Sep 16th When Sri Lanka known then as Ceylon obtained full freedom from British rule on February 4th , the second largest ethnic community in the Island were the Tamils of recent Indian origin and not the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

The 1ast official census before Ceylon got Dominion Status and then Independence from the United Kingdom was taken in According to the census the Island nation had a total population of 6 , , people. Portrait of Savumiamoorthy Thondama is unveiled at the Sri Lanka Parliamentary complex to mark th birth anniversary-news.

According to the latest Census the Indian Tamils numbering , 4. However the figures from the census reveal that the Indian Tamil community then living mainly in the Uva, Sabaragamuwa , Central and Western Provinces was the second largest ethnicity when the country was free of colonial bondage.

The community consisting of people who had lived in the Island for a few generations as well as recent arrivals were an integral component of the newly independent nation then. The thee main sources of income and foreign exchange for the country 70 years ago were tea,rubber and coconut. The bulk of workers on tea plantations and rubber estates were Indian Tamils. They were also engaged as labourers in the sanitary , construction, trade and transport sectors.

Several dashing and debonair actors have graced the Sinhala silver screenover the years. Arguably the most lovable among these cinematic heroes wasthe dynamic Tony Ranasinghe who acted in both lead as well as character roles.

Tony Ranasinghe who was born on 31 July entered the film world in the early sixties of the last century. His brilliant career in filmdom spanning more than five decades came to an end with his passing away three years ago on June 16th The boy hailing from Mutwal Modera in Sinhala and Muhathuvaaram in Tamil with a Roman Catholic background made his mark as an actor on both stage and screen.

He acted in diverse roles ranging from romantic lovers to affectionate fathers and won awards for acting in both films and plays. Tony also made the smooth transition from the big screen to small screen and shone in TV too as an actor and script writer. Likewise he wrote the screenplay and dialogues for some films too. In later life he transformed into a playwright translating and adapting many works of William Shakespeare into Sinhala.

The young Sri Lankan side showed that they had the depth to complement their 2. Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka has indicated that it has no plans to change its policy on the languages used in the packaging of its milk products in Sri Lanka. September 5, was supposed to be much more than just a mass mobilisation of support for former President Rajapaksa and his proxy party known as the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna SLPP.

Over a decade long presidency, Mahinda Rajapaksa groomed his eldest son Namal to be his successor in politics. The second boy, Yoshitha, dreamt of a military career, the youngest Rohitha dabbled in aerospace engineering. In December , Namal Rajapaksa will be 33 years old, two years shy of eligible age to contest for presidential office in Sri Lanka. T here was an air of anticipation in Colombo on the morning of September 5.

Fearing chaos, parents kept children away from school, employees who could afford to take leave called in sick. Roads leading to Colombo were clear of traffic as buses carrying JO supporters along with trucks of cops and Special Task Force STF personnel were seen entering the city. As the time drew nearer to the rally, employers were forced to give their employees the day off and many hurried to catch a bus or train to get home leading to a significant drop of productivity on the day.

Shops usually open 24 hours a day hurriedly closed down. Train commuters were seen hanging precariously from the windows of overcrowded trains trying to make it home before the rally while others stood in winding queues in a bid to secure a train ticket. Many commuters were also left stranded at the Colombo Fort Bus stand. According to one conductor of a Pettah — Moratuwa bus which was running the last run for the day, buses along the route were already much less with many being given by their owners to transport protestors to Colombo on the day.

With organisers of the protest keeping the place of the rally a closely guarded secret till the very last minute around 2. After three years of investigations and mounting accusations about delayed justice in corruption cases, former Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, arguably the most powerful member of the previous administration, will be indicted tomorrow 10 , on charges of misappropriating tens of millions in public funds while his brother was President, to build a memorial for their parents in the Hambantota district.

The second case to be filed at the Permanent High Court at Bar will be taken up tomorrow, September 10, to serve indictments on the former Secretary of Defence and six others on allegations of misappropriation of State funds amounting to approximately Rs.

Wigneswaran and three others appeared before the Court of Appeal yesterday over a complaint that they have intentionally acted in contempt of the Court of Appeal order.

Sivanesan were advised to appear in Court on September 18 as well. According to section A 1 of the Constitution, no person shall, directly or indirectly in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka. Denishwaran from functioning as the Fisheries and Transport Minister in the Province. Another person died in an accident in Nittambuwa. He has got down from the bus to buy pineapples on his return from the Joint Opposition protest.

He was knocked down by a vehicle while crossing the road and died on admission to hospital. The Government members discredited the campaign as unsuccessful as it had failed to garner support from the wider public. Full of sound and fury, the Joint Opposition-Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Janabalaya demonstration reached Colombo Fort yesterday, but the protest took on a carnival like atmosphere with no major political speeches or centralized coordination to drive its key messages home.

Joining the marchers near the Colombo Fort Railway station, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and their security contingents rode in convoy through the crowds.

JO activists started cleaning up the Lake House roundabout and the roads leading up to the area indicating that they had no plans to continue. The rest of the crowd, however, are currently holding a candlelight vigil at the Lake House roundabout.

As of 10 Pm, none of the prominent leaders of the protest, including its organizer Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, were not seen among the protesters. Businesses, shops and schools closed by noon, resulting in Colombo coming to a virtual halt. Party officials said they planned to stay overnight in Colombo. President Rajapaksa and his former defence secretary brother Gotabhaya spent a brief time with the protesters, but were expected to re-join the crowd later in the evening, party leaders said.

They said hundreds of thousands of people joined the rally, but police said their estimate was that the crowd was about 50, The Cabinet of Ministers today decided to empower the Police to shoot unruly protestors with rubber bullets below their knees if they disrupt civilian life in Colombo tomorrow. Opposition activists loyal to former president Mahinda Rajapaksa plan to stay overnight in Colombo after staging protests on Wednesday, party sources said.

Parliamentarians and leading activists of the Joint Opposition met in Colombo, a short while ago, to discuss final arrangements for their protest rally in Colombo tomorrow.

He never made it to Here is his last CV just as he had typed it:. He issued the order at a meeting on August 28 at his Paget Road residence attended by the defence secretary, chief of defence staff and top defence and police officials, it says. The CID says it needs certain information of the armed forces to take forward its investigations into the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunga, disappearance of Prageeth Ekneligoda and the abduction of Keith Noyarh, Upali Tennakoon and 11 youths etc.

Another friend, Shehan Bhavan posting on Facebook questioned as to the credibility of the evidence against him. Australian law enforcement authorities today announced that the New South Wales student accused of documenting plans in a notebook to assassinate two senior Australian politicians is the nephew of a Sri Lankan cabinet minister. Northern province chief minister Canagasabapathy Viswalingam Wigneswaran is a retired Supreme court judge. Sadly those hopes turned into dupes very soon.

Wigneswaran adopted a confrontational political approach that left much to be desired. Projecting himself as a Tamil hardliner, the chief minister engaged in all types of disruptive politics while the Northern provincial administration deteriorated.

The Northern provincial council NPC became the worst -run provincial administration in the country. The people of the north who welcomed the advent of the NPC in are waiting eagerly for its term of office to end in October The provincial councils of Sri Lanka do enjoy a certain quantum of devolution. They may not have maximum devolution but the powers available are adequate to plan and implement a reasonable amount of development projects.

The Provincial council representing the war — afflicted people of the war — ravaged north had an extra responsibility and duty to harness all available resources for the betterment of the province. But this is not what happened.

Instead of passing necessary statutes, the NPC busied itself with passing hundreds of useless, irrelevant resolutions. Finances allocated by the Treasury for development work in the province were under-utilised resulting in the remainder being returned to the Treasury.

When major projects with international aid for the benefit of the North were initiated by the Government in Colombo, the NPC did not cooperate and instead obstructed them. When concerned Sri Lankan expatriates came up with blueprints to establish employment — oriented, income generating schemes they were rebuffed and rejected.

Unlike other instances of the killing of youths, such as what occurred in Trincomalee in , ready excuses cannot be offered as to the chain of evidence becoming cold or pointing to key witnesses living overseas being reluctant to return to testify, as would be naturally the case given the trauma that they have had to undergo. Then again, the fact that the Court inquiring into the matter had proceeded to act according to law is also another demonstrable difference when compared to the past.

These officers of the state must be commended to the highest extent possible for carrying out their functions with due diligence despite the enormous and impossible strains put on them by political forces. The Naganathan residence on Shoe Road, Kotahena is dark and dreary. Inside, it is as though time has stood still for the once happy Naganathan family, since the abduction of their son, Rajiv Naganathan, almost 10 years ago by a suspected, organized Navy abduction for ransom gang.

Her only focus is the return of her child. Splitting her time between caring for her ailing husband and numerous court visits, Sarojini now spends most of her days at kovils and temples, praying for the return of her son, and inviting the fury of the Gods upon those who took him away from her. Before all this anguish September 17, , was the last time Sarojini saw her son those were happier times. The International School educated Rajiv had just been accepted to a University in the United Kingdom and, had left home to spend time with friends before leaving Sri Lanka.

The five friends including Rajiv went mysteriously missing that day, in Badowita, Dehiwala on their way to meet a man identified as Mohamed Ali Anwer, later revealed to be the informant of the abductors.

Recalling the day, Sarojini says, it was she herself that withdrew money for her son so he could treat his friends. She wavers between profound emotion when speaking of Rajiv, and shaking anger at the mere mention of his abductors. Deepika Udagama believes attitudes of the people must change for the country to move forward and adequately address the sufferings of families of disappeared persons. She commended the OMP for being the first State affiliated organisation to mark the International Day of the Disappeared and acknowledged more support needed to be given to institutions like the OMP to promote reconciliation and harmony.

A mammoth gathering of protestors in Mullaitivu on Tuesday 28 chanted slogans to halt colonization under the Mahaweli System L in the Northern Province being carried out with State patronage. The Northern Provincial Council has been agitating that land powers under the 13th Amendment be granted to it.

However, it was evident from the mammoth protest, plans have also been mooted to divert the longest river in the island to spearhead State-backed colonization in the province. From the time the Mahaweli Project was initiated, the Mahaweli remains a great blessing to farmers in areas where it flows. However, the Mullaitivu agitation highlighted that System L of the Mahaweli Project, covering Vavuniya, Mannar and Mullaitivu districts has been worked out to spearhead colonization with outsiders from the Northern Province and not with the sincere interest of providing water for the Northern farmer.

The Colombo Fort magistrate on Wednesday ordered the arrest of Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne after the CID said it had evidence of him shielding the main suspect, a navy intelligence officer. Despite the unprecedented order seeking the arrest of a military officer equivalent to the rank of a four-star general in the army, Wijegunaratne continued to receiving visiting foreign dignitaries.

Incidentally, Wijegunaratne was attending the funeral of one of his predecessors, General Rohan Daluwatte, when the court made the stunning pronouncement against him. Indications of who will win the ding-dong battle will be known within the next 48 hours.

Yet, it has set off alarm bells in the coalition. The Western Province Transport Authority has banned from yesterday until September 8 all private bus operators undertaking special tours. Only buses operating on specified routes on permits issued to them will be permitted on the roads. Violators will have their permits cancelled. Other than that first blow, more are due, say government sources. Such approval would have to come from both the Colombo Municipal Council and the Police.

With no visibility of any such move, it is not clear whether there is any other reason behind it. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya who presided asked how this could be done since it would violate accepted traditions.

It is unlikely that sittings will be cancelled. Public interest in the handling of fraud and crime that prevailed under the Rajapaksa Regime shows a new interest with the action by the Permanent High Court Trial-at-Bar over two key figures in the past regime. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, brother of Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Defence Secretary, and six others, were noticed to appear before the new court with regard to misappropriation of funds over construction of the D.

Rajapaksa Museum and Memorial. These cases mark a major change in what was seen as a long delay in the fight against corruption by of the former regime, which was a major pledge of the in the political campaign to defeat the re-election of President Mahinda Rajapaksa in January There was major public concern about investigation and legal action delays on matters of corruption by those in the Rajapaksa Regime.

This led to criticism by President Maithripala Sirisena over attempts to cover up some of these probes, and led to ministerial changes in the UNP branch of the ruling coalition. Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, yesterday, issued a statement urging people to join the planned Joint Opposition protest in Colombo on Sept 5. Alleging that there are also dangerous and concerted efforts to compromise peace and reconciliation in the pursuit of personal political interests, the war veteran said that it was evident in the ongoing constitutional reform initiatives as well as the witch-hunts launched against military personnel who had made untold sacrifices to rid the country of terrorism.

The former Defence Secretary asserted that all true Sri Lankans would observe those developments with great dismay. Having recognised the dangerous trends across all sectors, we have engaged in various processes and readied ourselves to take up the challenge of rectifying the status quo in a systematic manner.

A large number of professionals and intellectuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their religious and ethnic identities, have rallied around us for this purpose. The Court of Appeal yesterday refused Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara thera, leave to appeal to the Supreme Court against the recent judgment of the Court, which convicted him of contempt of court and sentenced him to rigorous imprisonment for six years.

The Court of Appeal recently convicted the Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara thera of contempt of court and imposed a sentence of six years rigorous imprisonment. It is not a matter of whether Mahinda Rajapaksa can contest for the Presidency once again or not, as long as whoever becomes the President at the next election forms a Government with him Mahinda as the Prime Minister, former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said. He was responding media queries after appearing before the Investigation Unit of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry PCoI today 29 , to give evidence regarding the formation and initial operations of Mihin Lanka during his tenure as a Director of its Board.

A year-old Sri-Lankan named M. Nizamdeen was arrested over suspected terror-related offences in Australia. The University of New South Wales contractor appeared in Waverley Local Court today where he was refused bail, with the matter adjourned to October Sumanthiran speaking in Sinhala an an event in Galle on Constitutional Reform. The Sinhala majority should accept it — M.

No other political prince in India would have waited so long for the coronation. And when it happened on Tuesday, 21 days after his father M Karunanidhi passed away, Stalin sought to accept the DMK crown with humility and hope, promise and poise. In fact, he indicated that he could be different from Karunanidhi. So far the skeletal remains of more than 90 people have been unearthed in the north-western town of Mannar.

The year war between troops and separatist Tamil rebels left at least , people dead, and many missing. A court ordered detailed excavations at the site — a former co-operative wholesale depot near the main bus terminus — after human remains were found by workers digging foundations for a new building earlier this year. In one segment we have a proper cemetery.

The meeting was presided over by His Excellency the President. Several ministers and government members of Parliament and Government Officials participated at the meeting. Sumanthiran Jaffna District, and Hon. SivashakthiAnanthanVanni District were present. Sumanthiran is out of the country. Sampanthan Thanked the President for inviting the TNA to the meeting and stated that he would raise some fundamental issues.

The democratic verdict of the people of the North and East should be respected. All of a sudden, the concerted preoccupation of the Rajapaksa proxy Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna SLPP and Joint Opposition camp is to push the theory that the former President, twice elected and once defeated in presidential elections over a decade, can contest a fourth time in It has been three years since the 19th Amendment was enacted, restoring term limits on the executive presidency.

But the latent realisation dawned on the SLPP leadership after a technical legal argument put forth by renowned jurist and former secretary to the Ministry of Justice, Dr Nihal Jayawickrema. Dr Jayawickrema wrote a lengthy legal analysis pointing out that neither Presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa nor Chandrika Kumaratunga were barred from contesting the presidency again by provisions in the 19A.

According to local media reports, some locals living in the Tamil-majority province, whose relatives went missing during and after the war, have raised concern about the bodies possibly having links to the many enforced disappearances reported in Mannar.

The port town of Trincomalee in Eastern Sri Lanka is known for its scenic beauty eminently qualified to be featured in the National Geographic Channel. But historically,it has been noted for something very different — its strategic value as a naval base. Coinciding with the first ever visit by a Japanese Defence Minister to Sri Lanka including Trincomalee , the Japanese sent a destroyer Ikazuchi to berth there. This comes in the wake of the public resistance to the Chinese-funded project to build 40, houses in the Jaffna district.

The Special High Court yesterday issued summons to Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and five others to appear before the Court on 10 September over misappropriation of funds to erect the D. Rajapaksa statue in Weeraketiya, Madamulana. The Nineteenth Amendment has once again become the subject of controversy, and its current focus concerns the provision in the Nineteenth Amendment that disqualifies the same person from being elected as President for more than two terms.

The two-term limit is not a constitutional innovation. It was re-introduced by section 3 of the Nineteenth Amendment which inserted the following new paragraph as Article 31 2 of the Constitution:. This is identical to the paragraph that existed as Article 92 c of the Constitution before it was repealed by the Eighteenth Amendment.

It has been argued, nevertheless, by some, including Professor G. Peiris and ex-Chief Justice Sarath Silva, that these provisions do not disqualify Mahinda Rajapaksa from seeking a third term.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has already served two terms as President but if this argument holds, then he would be eligible not only to run for a third term but also a fourth. Ever since the Island known formerly as Ceylon gained limited forms of representative democracy through the Legislative and State Councils during British rule, the practice of members of the same family seeking posts through elections became widely prevalent.

The advent of Parliamentary elections coupled with freedom from colonial bondage saw the political dynasty phenomenon gain further mileage. Political families began proliferating at multiple levels from local authorities to the supreme legislature.

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