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I often get asked what supplements I take on a regular basis. Your final delivery cost will be calculated in the checkout for your order. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. Creatine monohydrate is regarded as a necessity by most bodybuilders. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water or performance beverage such as Cellucor Alpha Amino to stay hydrated. Supplement Facts Serving Size:

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Cellucor Alpha Amino Review

And mixes amazing with skim milk.. Mixes well no clumps! No crazy after taste! This protein is great! It does not clump up, mixes well, and tastes amazing! Great product for recovery after working out. Chocolate Peanut Butter is amazing. Cellucor is my favorite protein powder I've ever gotten. This is my second round with cinnamon swirl, it is nice that Cellucor has expanded on flavours, rather than the basic chocolate and vanilla, which get old fast.

The cinnamon swirl is good for the first bit, but does get old by the end. The chocolate peanut butter has to be my favourite flavour of all protein powders I've had. Highly recommend this brand of protein powders! This flavor is pretty good but I prefer the chocolate PB. I usually go with Jym products but wanted to try something new.

So far, I am not disappointed. Cinnamon Swirl tastes fine; not as bad as I expected it to be but I'm not a fan. I have been in to fitness for roughly 15 years now. I have tried many different kinds of protein mixes and supplements. This one is like no other. I eat a very clean diet and have for a long time, and this is my first time trying this protein. I usually buy JYM or Dymatize. Nothing else significant has changed in my diet. Since taking this protein I have gas, terrible gas.

I'm a guy, so a gas has never bothered me. But this gas smells like an animal died inside me mixed with baby poop. Then you are hit with the smell. I feel bloated from the amount of gas built up inside my stomach. If my wife doesn't kill me before this 5lb tub is finished, I can guarantee you I won't be order any more of this deadly natural gas producing protein.

You have been warned! I absolutely love the cinnamon swirl and chocolate peanut butter! But the chocolate chip cookie dough leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. It's pretty sweet even with water mixed with it.

I usually added cinnamon to add a little more flavor since it was almost like a sweet oatmeal kind of taste then mixed it in a blender bottle; chilled it and it was okay.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Can't go wrong with it. Has little specs of "chocolate chips" So far ive tried it with almond milk unsweeted vanilla and its ight. Also mixed with water its good. Chilled is always a good idea! Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use this for weight reduction.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Cherry Limeade grams. Icy Blue Razz grams. Strawberry Kiwi grams. Some provide a little energy, some provide the kick you need to build mass, some help you lose it. But what you need is energy. Your intensity comes after an extreme jolt, so we've added the most stimulating, caffeine-loaded pre-workout supplement to our C4 ID Series. C4 Extreme Energy is made for your passion, steady drive and unbroken commitment to your workouts.

If you find yourself drinking cup after cup of coffee throughout the day and built your caffeine tolerance above the rest, C4 Extreme Energy is made for you. C4 Extreme Energy is the next step for those who want that extra rush. Its formula features twice as much caffeine, more focus and more endurance than C4 Original. C4 Extreme Energy isn't for the casual gym goer; it's for those of you who want to explode through their PRs over and over and over again. We know that for some, just a little bit of energy isn't enough.

C4 Extreme Energy is here to help you get up and go, rising to any challenge. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water or performance beverage such as Cellucor Alpha Amino to stay hydrated.

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