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The Evolution of a Hypnodomme. The Property of Raging Pythons. Master PC — Beta Release. Light and Shadows IV: Snow White and the Trance. Less than two weeks before a scheduled parole hearing, Manson tried to escape by stealing a car. Dear Clubhouse Letter — Encounter with a Warlock.

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Hi-Fi to release eight albums. Jazz Erotica - Richie Kamuca and his Band. The Genius of George Wright. George Wright's My Fair Lady. Taboo - Arthur Lyman. The original May pressings have the Stereo Fidelity logo in raised lettering on the front cover along with the sound spectrum chart in full color on the back cover.

The later pressings dropped the embossed lettering and printed the chart in black and white. Omega Disc releases four albums. Bel Canto releases two albums. To promote the new release, Omega issued a 45 stereo sampler with segments from. The first pressings for Bel Canto and Omega Disc are issued in a deluxe box. World Wide releases five albums. Montilla releases the first ten Latin albums. Hallmark was first with a stereo demonstration disc HLP in their initial group.

Atlantic releases three albums. Counterpoint releases six additional albums. Vanguard releases nine albums. Elektra releases three albums. Pye issues the first stereo discs in London. Grand Award releases eight albums. London announces demonstration disc, PS Westminster releases one album. Cook releases three albums.

Masterpieces of the Theater - Willis Page and Orchestra. The King of Organs - Bill Floyd. Bel Canto is the first to release four stereo singles. Liberty releases four albums. King announces their first release. Riverside and Judson announce their first four releases. Seeco announces promotional EP for their first four albums.

Jubilee releases five albums. Rondo releases twelve albums. Horizontal and Upright - Red Camp with Rhythm. Stereovox releases fourteen albums. Coral releases their first album. Mercury releases twelve albums and stereo sampler SRD Emory Cook releases stereo sampler. July 12, - Morton Gould arranges for stereo. Concert-Disc releases five additional albums. The Miami News reports on compatibility issues. Columbia releases twenty albums. World Pacific releases four albums. Crown releases fifteen albums.

Fiesta releases three albums. Vanguard issues the first stereo album for children. Epic announces their first nine albums. RCA Victor releases their first twenty-three albums. London releases seventy-five albums. Chillicothe Gazette on stereo samplers. RCA releases stereo sampler, SP Fantasy announces ten albums. RCA Camden announces three albums. Capitol releases fifteen albums. Angel releases seven albums. Dot releases twelve albums. Coral releases three additional albums. Audio Fidelity sues Stereo Fidelity.

Imperial releases twelve albums. Kapp releases sixteen albums. Sextet in B Flat, Op. Serenade in D minor, Op. Wurlitzer introduces the first stereo jukebox. Stereo singles for jukeboxes. MGM sends their first stereo single to radio stations. Brunswick releases one album. Audiophile releases three albums. Who's buying stereo records? Variety reviews the Lawrence Welk stereo premiere. Stereo discs should be played loud.

Roulette releases six albums. Mayfair announces twelve albums. RCA announces stereo 45's. Stereo Fidelity advertisement in High Fidelity. Bel Canto releases stereo sampler: Audio Fidelity releases stereo sampler: Stere-O-Craft releases ten stereo EP's. International releases one album. Colpix releases one album. Sumco releases three albums.

Lyrichord releases three albums. Stereo Age releases two albums. Verve releases one album. Decca releases ten albums. The first pressings are issued in a deluxe gatefold cover with a record cleaning cloth. MGM releases ten albums. Salt Lake Tribune on the best releases. RCA Bluebird releases the first stereo album for moppets.

Everest releases ten albums. Lawrence Welk leads in stereo. Argo releases five albums. Sacred releases seventeen albums. Carlton releases six albums. The first pressings are issued with raised velvet lettering on the word stereo. United Artists releases eight albums. Stereo singles and EP's checklist. Seeburg introduces their stereo jukebox.

Kandy releases one album. Monitor releases one album. Lucky Pierre - Roger Bourdin and his Orchestra. Halifax releases two albums.

STLP and Gimmick stereo disks are the most popular. Dyer-Bennet releases one album. Aamco releases ten albums. Lawrence Welk ratings boost from stereo. Jubilee releases ten stereo singles. Stereo Fidelity advertisement in Life Magazine. MGM releases nine additional singles. Rock-Ola introduces their stereo jukebox. Savoy releases four singles. AMI introduces a stereo jukebox attachment. Stereo Age releases five additional albums.

Sunbeam releases one single. Carousel releases one single. Stereo-Gems releases six singles. Challenge releases one album. Counterpoint releases two singles. Rondo-lette releases ten albums.

Kandy releases their second album. Stere-o-craft releases eight albums. Stereo releases five singles. Columbia recording Percy Faith's Orchestra. Roulette releases ten singles. The label's first stereo singles release spotlights 10 disks, all taken from current Roulette stereo LP's.

Basie is represented by three separate platters while Rodgers and Glenn each have two singles in the stereo release. The following labels may have also released stereo singles in the last few months of If you can confirm their release.

By the end of , Stereo Fidelity placed ads announcing they were the top-selling stereo label. If you have any additions or corrections to this data, please get in touch.

Thank you very much! Widescreen in Black and White Sitemap. First Year of Stereo Records This page is dedicated to the three enterprising visionaries who brought high-fidelity stereophonic music into the home: Peru Balsam Essential Oil. At Penta, our products and services help businesses do business better.

For over 30 years, Penta Manufacturing Company has played a growing role in worldwide chemistry innovations and applications. As an industry leader, Penta continues to pioneer chemistry-based solutions for practically every area of commerce. Our products and expertise have helped fuel technical advances in dozens of commercial applications including flavoring, coloring, fragrances and chemical processes.

Phoenix sources the finest flavor and fragrance ingredients for its customers. World-leading innovative ingredient solutions provider for the flavour, fragrance and FMCG industries. We offer innovative and trend-setting product concepts for our customers, collaborating with them to create true value for their products.

Balsam Oil Peru Kosher. The perfect blend of products and services that bring your creativity to life. Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company dedicated to providing high-quality, safe and certified flavor ingredients with transparent and easily accessible documentation to customers around the globe.

Sigma-Aldrich also provides a suite of analytical tools that allow food analysts to simplify sample preparation, cleanup and analysis steps, while increasing sensitivity to trace ingredients and harmful substances to meet regulations and quality standards. Certified Food Grade Products. W Peru balsam oil. The Lermond family has been sourcing raw materials for the flavor and fragrance industry for nearly 7 decades. The Lermond Company is a women-owned distributor of raw materials primarily servicing the flavor and fragrance industry.

For three generations, members of the Lermond family have been integral sourcing partners for the North American flavor and fragrance industry. We supply high quality essential oils, aroma chemicals, absolutes, concretes, resinoids and floral waters from around the world to the global industry. Ventós has specialized in the distribution of raw materials for the flavour and fragrance industry.

With more than references permanently available from stock, we offer a just-in-time response to our customer needs, being able to deliver from 1kg to several tonnes all over the world.

Olivia Gautier Asia, Africa and Oceania. Manufacturer and supplier of high quality flavor and fragrance ingredients. The growth and success of Vigon is due in large part to a unique corporate concept that Vigon has developed and established within the industry: This partnership concept has been and continues to be the foundation and guiding principle for all of Vigon's activities.

Sourcing and distribution of aroma chemicals, natural flavour and fragrance ingredients and specialty chemicals. The flavour and fragrance industry's premier source for aroma chemicals and essential oils.

Following a corporate career spanning almost 20 years with Bush Boake Allen, Henkel, Bunzl and Amersham International, Zanos was formed by Julian Sarkar in to bring together best knowledge, contact networks and experience of the flavour and fragrance and speciality chemicals markets. Peru Balsam Essential oil rectified Salvador Odor: Peru Balsam essential oil, Bulk Odor: Peru Balsam essential oil. Creamy, balsamic, woody, powdery. Peru Balsam Essential Oil Odor: Balsamic Vanilla Smoky Use: Peru Balsam Oil France.

Peru balsam oil sds. Balsam Peru Oil Odor: Peru Balsam Oil Extra. Peru Balsam essential oil Odor: R 38 - Irritating to skin. R 43 - May cause sensitisation by skin contact. S 02 - Keep out of the reach of children. S 26 - In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. S 28 - After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. IFRA fragrance material specification:. Extracts and distillates of Peru balsam the exudation from Myroxylon pereirae Royle Klotzsch should not be used such that the total level exceeds 0.

Based on a wide variety of test results on the sensitising potential of Peru balsam and its derivatives.