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But, for me, 30 minutes is enough. I am inspired by you! I am still getting a sustained calorie burn even one hour plus after the workout! I went all out in MMX with 4 pounds of weighted gloves and the heart rate analysis is almost identical to performing MMX without the weighted gloves. I felt like I had a tremendous workout and I was pushed hard, especially after The Challenge workout yesterday. I felt that my arms and shoulders got a much better workout.

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I would just like to say thank you for this review, Its really making this decision easier for me. My son is starting this program and has a belly to lose. I am going to show these pictures, because he desperately wants to lose his belly and I think the pictures might be very encouraging to him. Thanks for posting them…. I am considering starting the program and had a question.

As far as the recovery formula goes would any lean protein do? Im pounds and hurting and thats going half speed! Any advice and what i can eat thats cheap and still works? The first few weeks are the hardest as your body has a lot of adjusting to do, hang in there…. I would probably just go through the P90X nutrition guide and find the foods that are least expensive, then focus on building full meals out of those using the portions approach.

Get a chicken breast or turkey sub on whole wheat, pile on the veggies, leave out the mayo and dressing. Thanks for the inspiration. In my experience, the biggest results came in Phase III. At Day 60, I still felt and looked like a cow. Keep up the good work! I already lost 46 pounds a few months prior following a strict calorie diet plan but now Im eating about calories per day in accordance to p90x. I just wanna know, what was your calorie consumption if you counted , how many carbohydrates, and how much protein were you getting and was it before and or after the workouts.

Truth be told, I just ordered my P90X today. A couple years back, I used to be in pretty good shape. However, somewhere along the way life happened. I look at your day 1 pictures and I see pretty close to an exact copy of me now.

So I can finally see it really does work. I always felt it was for thinner or already fit people in shape and was scared to try it but, seeing your results in just 49 days are amazing. Great work and I will now be doing the program. Are you doing doubles or just classic?

I am approaching week 4 Recovery week and am considering going the doubles route starting week 5. I want to get that shredded look and was also curious what the average weight you are using dumbells? How many pullups were you able to do on your first day? Also whats your total poundage dropped this far?

Im plannin on startin the p90x experience soon here as well… id say im in the boat you were in when you started. You still doing the program? Looking forward to seeing your current progress.

Which course do you recommend I follow? Lean or muscle building? I am inspired by you! You really are an inspiration, keep it up you are looking really good and I am sure you must feel good as well!

Is there a guide to tell you which dvd to do each day, or do you roll though the 12 dvds every twelve days!! Purchased it today and am extremely excited to lose more weight, At and have already lost 70 lbs. Great to see a real person, not one of the company sponsored college kids, posting some real photos. Keep up the great work! So, 2 questions, 1: You have to quick drinking alcohol right? What max weight dumbells do you recommend. You have shoulder definition coming out.

Thanks for taking the time to post your pics. This workout will get you into a routine but it really does take over your life. In a good way I feel a lot stronger and feel much healthier. Any body who is thinking of doing this program, you have got to commit! You are such an inspiration to me and my finance! We just started the program together day 3! Hey FLB i just saw the infomercial about 1 in the morning and decided to see if I could find postings for scams on this.

Your results are impressive and I am now ready to try. Add about 20lbs to your week 1 pics and that would be me. I do have some questions though.

Does it come with a step by step so that I know which discs to use first? If I am going to go with this then I want it done right. I want to see the results that you are seeing.

Dude, seriously this is amazing. Im on day 2, and I have to admit seeing your photos really made me realize if you commit it can really work. I am almost a twin for your day one measurements. I drive a truck across the country.

I have a pullup bar and the weights. Both are in my truck and tested. I can do most stuff in my truck but also have room outside daily at anytime to use also. I have a cooler and Truckstop food at best. I can make a Walmart stop but only once a week due to my route.

Also, seeing how this is an old thread. Do you have the last 30 days posted with final pics? Great story you have and looks like your succeeding. I am female almost finished phase 1 lean , and I follow the schedule and also with my training of running , average 30 — 40KM weekly on top with P90X, but I have not yet drop pounds, but my size has been losing and dropping ….

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program. Shakeology Shakes Protein Quality: Cal Protein 17g Fiber 6g Carb 17g Sugar 6g. Shakeology Review Shakeology is one of the most well-known meal replacement shakes on the market today. Given its popularity, we were curious about the shake itself. Is it popular because of good marketing?

Or does the diet shake actually work? How do they promote weight loss? Shakeology Nutritional Facts There are a lot of ingredients in Shakeology. For the most part, the ingredients should be the same, but there is some variety, both in calorie amount and what makes each shake taste like its particular flavor.

Calories The recommended serving size is a single scoop of this shake which is 42 grams. The powder alone is calories. Generally speaking though, meal replacement shakes are popularly mixed with milk, fruits, and sometimes even vegetables. The Camu-Camu is responsible for the high amount of Vitamin C. Acai berry, popularized in the past few years, is a good source of Vitamin A.

Shakeology boasts five proprietary blends of nutrient combinations. Some of these blends are: Protein Sources Core Engine Protein is the backbone to any good meal replacement shake.

Shakeology uses whey protein and pea protein in their shakes. Whey comes in different varieties, like concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Isolate is the whey protein used in this diet shake. It contains less lactose and fat than other strains, but also contains less beneficial nutrients. Pea protein is being rediscovered as a powerhouse protein. The shake contains 17 grams of protein in total. This is a high amount of protein for a food source but not necessarily in a bad way.

Fiber Sources Fiber sources vary from one shake to another. A high amount of fiber is a great natural way to fill you up. The FDA recommends that we get 25 grams of fiber a day, based on a 2, calorie diet. Chocolate Shakeology contains 6 grams of dietary fiber which seems like a great amount to help satisfy your daily intake needs.

Fiber is an essential part of your diet because it takes up space in your stomach, making you feel full, but passes through your system relatively undigested. Soluble fiber dissolves in water into a gel-like substance.

Insoluble fiber promotes the movement through your digestive system. They also have a supplement to add to your fiber intake, which is listed below. What Are The Sweeteners? There are multiple different ways to sweeten a meal replacement shake. Sucralose more well-known as Splenda is a popular artificial sweetener.

Well, there are always contingencies, and watch dog groups have taken a very different stance on artificial sweeteners. Sucralose is created by chlorinating sucrose, regular table sugar. The human body is not good at ridding itself of organic compounds that have been chlorinated. Until then you may want to pursue the use of more natural substances such as stevia or lo Han fruit for use as a non-caloric sweetener. All great natural sugar substitutes that come with little to no controversy.

Whereas Shakeology used to have sucralose in their chocolate flavor, they have removed it, instead using these more natural options, and we approve. Shakeology is brought to you by Beachbody, a well-respected fitness company responsible for the workouts P90X and Insanity. Side Effects There was a public scare about the amount of lead contained in the Greenberry flavor 4. In Consumerlab reported that the shake contained excessively high amounts of lead.

Since then, Shakeology has changed its recipe and Consumerlab approved the flavor. How to Contact Beachbody offers email and live chat for customers to reach their company. Both of those options can be reached by clicking here. The calorie count may also benefit weight loss, depending on how many other outside sources you add to the shake. Shakeology Shakes reviewed by Lisa May 24, rated 3 of 5. Beverly Boyd December 2nd, On the nutrition facts listed here there are 17 grams of carbs. Orson September 11th, Where is the pea protein sourced?

Molly August 3rd, I tried shakeology for a month and had to force the awful stuff down. Wes May 6th, I bought the sampler pack of shakeology, because like most people I too was skeptical.

Carl Smestad June 11th, Are you sure it was Shakeology. If not well it is really bad Rating. Carl Smestad December 18th, I guess I never tried with just water. I have tried many of these other shakes or meal replacement shakes and they are not even close to when it comes to results Rating. Chad February 16th, I see a lot of folks commenting on the gritty nature of shakeology.

Samantha February 15th, the taste is awful!! Zeb July 15th, I was given the chocolate Shakeology to try, and it was the worst tasting thing I let in my mouth in recent memory.

Tiffani February 14th, I added 1 cup of almond milk, greek yogurt, and frozen cherries to the blender. Joan February 14th, Unfortunately this company has some of the worst customer service. Special K December 24th, I was given the chocolate by a beachbody coach. Sarah September 23rd, I only recently started drinking shakeology in conjunction with the 21 day fix.

Dana August 21st, This is a great product, taste is fantastic as long as it is mixed properly. Dee August 17th, I have tried , and now Shakeology. Tessa July 19th, My sis gave me some when I ran out of my regular brand.

Julie June 14th, Can you tell me if it contains sucralose or other artificial sweetener? Jackie May 20th, I love Shakeology! If you clicked the link above, you would notice that no one is selling Shakeology… This actually works out best for you because Natural News discovered that Amazon.

Additionally, some people have gone to Ebay to buy Shakeology. However, Ebay has the same problem as Amazon. Additionally, many sellers on Ebay sell Shakeology for the same price as Beachbody sells it. Giving you no discount whatsoever. So then, where can you buy Shakeology and make sure you get the real deal? How much is Shakeology?..

Afterwards, the Shakeology cost can be much more than you would expect. In order to fully explain how you can get the best price on Shakeology, I will be referring to the following Shakeology price comparison table. Check it out below:. And the best part is that several Beachbody Challenge packs go on sale every single month!

Check out the following Beachbody Challenge Pack reviews of people who combined a proven weight loss program and Shakeology. If you only want to buy Shakeology without getting into a membership, then ordering Shakeology on monthly auto-ship is your best option. There is no charge to cancel and if you wanted, you can place one order and then cancel once you get your Shakeology bag. Here are the benefits of becoming a Team Beachbody Club Member: Your Own Personal Coach.

Get your questions answered about completing a workout, nutrition support, navigating around Team Beachbody, or have your Coach be your first accountability partner. Get Connected with a Community with Similar Goals.

With Beachbody on Demand you can stream almost every single workout program that Beachbody has ever made; including Beachbody on Demand Exclusive workouts that you can only get on BOD.

Here are just a few of over 26 complete fitness programs available on BOD New workouts being added every single month!

Looking to get the biggest discount on Shakeology possible? You need to be asking: How much is Shakeology as a coach because they get the biggest savings on Shakeology. From looking at the Shakeology Price Comparison with Various Discounts table above, we can see that the cheapest price for Shakeology is to become a Beachbody Coach and to order Shakeology on monthly auto-ship.

If you really wanted to, you can even sign up to be a Coach and never even buy Shakeology!

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