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Benefits Of Physical Activity

What exercise DVDs does NutriSystem offer?
She has developed a product from something very simple as walking. No fitness equipment needed and it is always available just outside your door. So she decided when it was enough and stopped there. Woman's Walk with Leslie Sansone. Plus, current research supports product claims. Other than breakfast, lunch and dinner, the company is offering desserts, snacks and shakes as well.

Leslie Sansone Review

Nutrisystem with Leslie Sansone - Woman's Walk

Though the moves are simple to do, they are very effective. While probably best suited to new and intermediate level exercisers, anyone who puts in the effort can benefit. The walking pace varies throughout. You will also do cardio boosts during which time the speed and intensity increase further.

For some of the moves, you will use a resistance band. Everything is set to music with a beat that will help you to keep in time.

There is also auto cueing, which can be turned off if desired. Each workout includes a Warm-Up and a Cool-Down. A countdown timer on the screen displays your workout progress in minutes and seconds, so you always know how much longer there is to go. The first DVD comprises a minute one-mile walk hosted by Leslie.

The pace alternates between regular and fast walking and cardio boosts. Included in this and all of the sessions, are moves which enhance flexibility. Led by fitness trainer Nick Drago who is accompanied by a team of exercisers, the DVD concludes with a minute total body strength training session using the included resistance band.

Leslie recommends that you do this segment two or three times a week. Lower body moves you will be doing include Squats, Plie Squats, and Lunges. The two-mile walk is led by Leslie who is joined by other exercisers who also participate in all but the three-mile walk which Leslie alone features in.

Going by the name of Belly Slimming, this session starts at a regular pace before the speed and intensity increase. Primarily targeting the core and waistline, you will be using the resistance band from time to time. Leslie calls this one the Thigh Slimming Walk. Starting with one mile of walking that incorporates belly slimming moves, during the second mile the focus will be on your thighs, butt, and entire lower body. Will it make you lose weight? Not likely, as the programs are not extreme enough to be a good cardio workout or enough to burn a significant amount of calories that will visible produce weight loss.

This program must be coupled with a clean diet in order to see significant weight changes in a person's weight loss journey. There are many testimonials available on the official Leslie Sansone website. Most likely a nutritional plan was involved in helping people to lose weight. We start off this review by saying this is not a specific diet, rather it is a fitness program that helps people to lose weight.

You just need to find the time and the energy to put the DVD's in and hit play. This needs to happen on a daily occurrences to see any changes in your strength, energy, and possibly weight. But because it is only walking, those changes may occur much more slowly than you may want. Walking might be the simplest way to workout.

No fitness equipment needed and it is always available just outside your door. Is it the best exercise for your whole body? Unfortunately it is not. Leslie Sansone does just that, incorporates techniques that will help target areas other than just the legs.

This is essentially the key to seeing a full body transformation.

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