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Let’s call this babe, Coffee Lovers Protein Shake.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Whey Protein Supplements
Thanks to the food sinergy theory and according to many hints coming from research we can observe that any time we break the sinergy of molecules that work together inside real food, we go toward issues because they interact poorly with our genes and activate poor epigenetic patterns leading to problems. So some supplements are both lucrative and helpful to a healthy body. Starting with the milk and ending with the ice place all ingredients in a blender and blend til smooth and creamy. If you want a protein with no side effect then I think you can also buy the same whey protein which I brought from roboustdiet. Btw I was taking honey, almonds, a glass of milk as pre workout and same things plus 3 banana as post workout,.

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Oh So Delicioso: Protein Breakfast

Toss all ingredients into the blender, top with cacao nibs and sip with a straw. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Slowly add ice to blender and process until creamy. Top with cacao nibs, if desired.

If you desire a bit of a sweeter shake, stir in drops stevia extract. Nutrition Information Serving size: Did you make one of my recipes?? I hope your ankle continues to heal quickly: This is the perfect solution! On a side note, ankle pain is the worst! Want to heal your ankle, go and get it adjusted by a chiropractor. I had a bad ankle that would roll with the faintest of breezes. Was told to go to Chiropractor by a good friend. After one adjustment, that took 5 seconds, my ankle has not rolled once.

This has been over 3 years since going. Hope this helps and thanks for the shake idea. Pearl is seriously the cutest!!!! My husband will love this shake- anything with coffee!

This sounds delicious and I no longer mind cold drinks in the winter! More protein milkshakes should help ;. I knew I would love this from the second I read the blog title. I made these for my boyfriend and I as a a post-workout little treat yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the recipe!

I will certainly be including it in my shake rotation. Why have I never thought of adding coffee to my protein shakes? A day without coffee is a bad bad day! I use coffee ice cubes for a little extra kick. This has become my favorite breakfast smoothie. Thanks so much for sharing this! I subbed the vanilla protein powder for chocolate and I have died and gone to chocolaty coffee heaven.

Good bye morning coffee…hello heaven in a cup. I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes! Love making shakes with almond milk.

This looks so perfectly frothy! And those cacao nibs on the top are totally calling my name. I could use one of these on this incredibly long Monday afternoon! Love the little touch of cacao too — too much overpowers the coffee, but that little touch can do SO much! This looks super delicious!!! What a great way to get a caffeine and energy boost in one go! As a die hard coffee lover, I love the sound of this protein shake.

Besides the coffee, you have added my next favourite item, cacao nibs! Oh and the banana: What do you think? I would try it out for sure. This is Aubrey from Oh So Delicioso sharing a simple and sweet recipe for your lil gymnast. And this chocolate smoothie is a gem. Yes, you read that right. Kids need good fats for brain development. A little sweeter even. Between the ricotta cheese, banana, and milk their muscles have the fuel and energy they need to stay strong all day. Their little bodies are working hard!

Give them the love they need! I grew up in athletics and played volleyball through college. In the mean time make healthy, yummy and fun. To keep this recipe simple and real- the measurements are literally spoonfuls. So here you go! Hope you enjoy this simple but powerful protein smoothie that is kid safe and kid approved! What else can be used instead of peanut butter, especially if my active child hangs round others with a peanut allergy?

My daughter was allergic to peanuts as a toddler luckily she grew out of it! We used almond butter as a replacement, although some children are allergic to all types of nuts. I hope this helps! You can also use Sunflower seed butter.

My oldest is working hard to gain muscle but needs to add some meat to his frame.

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