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This was my experience. So my 4 year old is t1, I have a 35 year old friend who is t1 also since he was young. Im one who always works out…Played sports… Good weight.. This is called the Somogyi effect. As for my son, he was diagnosed after working for years with type 1. November 11, at

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I made a string of bad food choices on date night last night and literally ran out of insulin in my pump. I felt like the biggest failure all night and kept checking for a downward trend. I was in DKA at diagnosis and one of my biggest fears is ending up back there. It feels shit regardless. I had a horrible afternoon when I woke up to get ready for my night shift this evening. My infusion set had gotten pulled out during the night, and I woke up in the s.

I was late to work partly because I felt so utterly shattered, and partly to have the time I needed to get everything back to normal , and I spent a huge portion of the time I was laying in bed bawling my eyes out from the sadness, frustration, and hopeless feelings that, in the moment, took over. I brought my numbers back to normal pretty quickly, but I felt and still feel horrible, and will continue to for the rest of the night as that is par for the course for me for going out of range.

In an effort to console myself, I went online and looked around for stories of anyone else who had to either be late for work or miss a shift because of a similar situation infusion set coming out. I stumbled across this page, and your comment was the first thing to make me legit belly laugh for the first time today since I woke up.

I know that your post is old, so you may not ever see my message, but I hope you know, and know also that I am so, SO grateful that there is someone else out there who can identify with and even LAUGH about this stuff! I think I can feel my day turning around.

I also gasp for breath when my bloodsugar is high and i just hope and pray i dont murder anyone seriosly i start thinking on something that pisses me off and i start plotting things.. You mention going to the gym…. I have all these symptoms. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic went on a diet and lost weight and changed my diet completely and for ever, been tested for allergies as well….

I have never read anything contradicting this — and I have read a lot …. I get all those feelings as commented on above and I become extremely hungry and thirsty. Like I have skipped a couple meals and have an unquenchable thirst. Thanks for the great post. I remember reading somewhere that having a high is like having thick maple syrup slogging its way through the veins in your body and brain. That image has always stuck with me. Beside the heaviness and sluggishness, I feel a weird tightness or pressure, as if my skin has become too small for my body, which makes me feel incredibly edgy.

My skin growing too tight! It makes me itchy but my hands are too slow and blocking to do anything. Thank you for posting this.

My 3 year old daughter has type 1. She was diagnosed at 20 months. I knew nothing of diabetes when she was diagnosed and did not know anyone with type 1 diabetes. I read your blog and several others for an understanding of the way she might feel as well as a heads up on issues that I will help her to tackle later.

Thank you for the wonderful insight as always. As the mother of an 8 year old Type 1 Daughter, I am constantly wondering about this. While she has been able to somewhat describe lows, she has not been able to describe highs. I have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugars have been all over the charts. Dry and like a slight burning. I am also fighting Lung Cancer and some meds Steroids really shoot my blood sugar, off the charts!

My wife and I are tired of this mess and have started with the new year, new diets that should help enormously! I do not check my blood sugar as often as I should, guess I know what to expect and the strips are soooooo expensive! With this cancer and the cost of the Chemo.

I am t1 and was just diagnosed in Sept of I am 31 years old now and I am still new to this and still trying to figure it out. I appreciate finding all of the comments above. I have often tried to explain to my girlfriend how it feels to be high or low. I agree with all these comments on being high very much. I feel so tired and worn down during the day and just so blah. That is the case right now. I was at earlier this evening and took 10 units of Novolog.

Now I am still currently at I just took another 7 units. I am out of my Lantus and have been for over a year now. This is a terribly stressful disease to have and manage. Is anyone else like that? Ask your doc about that. ObamaCare is good for people like you.

Do not listen to the right wingers. Every country in the Western World has universal health care. This is not a political website, but seeing as how you mentioned it, have you priced out Obama care??? It is crazy expensive unless you are literally broke and then you cannot afford anything, even with the subsidies. As far as every country in the western world having universal healthcare, maybe so, but they all pay for it through massive taxation. So either way you are paying for it! Personally, I do not want the government in my health care!

The Government is just people that have forever jobs with little or no reason to work hard! You want them in charge of what medicines you get, or treatments?? Now, back to Insulin, there are many sites on the web that can help the person that needs it.. I would start with the American Diabetes Association.

They should be able to direct you to Patient Assistance Programs that can cover some or all of your meds. We pay according to what wr make. Our health care is free and good. We look at uour bavkward, selfish country and feel sorry for you.

I recieved free medical care and free medicine when I could not longer afford to by my medicine. Yes, I cannot rest if my blood sugar is high. One screw up and you will struggle thru the day. How come, i have controlled my sugar level from to these days but i still feel thirsty all the time, I have controlled it by jogging and climbing; any input on this? When my sugar go up any higher then I get really sick, I feel like my whole body just gain like pounds and I walk slow.

I get headache sometimes. If I eat white bread, white rice, or sugary stuff I will get extremely tired. If I go to sleep too soon after eating, it feels like a sleep coma. I will try to wake up but fall right back to sleep and feel loopy. I was recently diagnosed Type 2. Other than some fairly minor peripheral neuropathy and distance vision issues, I felt pretty consistently great.

There are a few things that might be causing the headaches. When you cut back on carbohydrates, did you also cut out sugary drinks juice, soda, etc. The reason I ask is that cutting out caffeine or lowering it suddenly can cause some godawful headaches, irritability, and a general feeling like you might drop dead at any moment. Beyond that, keep a very close eye on your blood sugar. You might be zigzagging even with the medication, which would make you feel terrible.

My body was simply used to operating with a horrendously high A1C among other weird lab results. It took the complication of afternoon blood pressure spikes, sensitivity to heat, and some neurological concerns to get me to rush back to my meter… where I found a reading of I was shocked because, like you, I felt pretty good up to that point.

The A1C reading was a I was surprised I had not had a random organ fail, but that is more to my point: I must have been having super high readings for several months — and longer — and felt fine.

I expect my body will be angry with me coming down, but the relief for my organs and the extension of my life once I level out again will be worth it. When your blood sugar levels are getting back to normal as in , your body which is used to the highs responds rather viciously.

You body has become used to being in a hyperglycemic state. When your blood glucose levels begin to go down, it may take a few months to feel better. This was my experience. I really had to push past feeling unwell, and teach my body what was truly healthy. Wow so I am not the only one. My body is so reactive to stress. My blood sugar would stay in the range no matter what for the last 2 years.

I started taking Berberine as a last resort. I cut back on red meat and lowered my portions for dinner as I get in too late. I was so excited that it finally dropped but I feel like crap. I feel like I have the flu one minute and weak the next.

I compare it to going through a withdrawal of sorts. Metformin takes a few weeks to adjust to. It will get better. Water floods your eye to try to clear out the accumulated glucose. I had to do a lot of research to find out why a low carb diet caused me to lose my near vision. There is so much to know that only experience can teach you.

Since she is having to eat so close to bedtime, she might be having some acid reflux, especially if she is waking up with congestion or a cough. If you think this is what it might be, she might try elevating the head of her bed a few inches with risers or sleeping with a foam wedge under the head of her mattress — whichever is more comfortable for her — to elevate her head over her stomach. If you have a recliner, she might try sleeping in that for a while until you can get the bed adjusted.

I am T2 and fairly young 28 as well and have had horrible acid reflux for years. I take Nexium daily which is now OTC thank goodness and it sorts it out. I have personally found that carb- and fat-heavy meals tend to make my reflux worse, but everybody is different. I generally need at least 2 hours between eating and bedtime to let my stomach settle — more if I ate to the point of uncomfortable fullness or if I am stressed.

I just want to quit everything. Does anyone experience excessive sweat mainly around face with high blood sugar? I cannot afford my insulin, seems to be a common problem, for a lot of people. Apparently I have too much money. I get insulin when I can from my doctor and sometimes friends. Whoever has gotten help must have no insurance. Maybe I should move to Canada. Sorry for the rant but this is ridiculous. Just talk to their pharmacist or look it up on their website. I have all of the physical symptoms of highs and lows.

So I am clinically not diabetic. I get gestational diabetes with pregnancies. Hi, Your post sounds much like me. Have you been checked to see if you are pre-diabetic?

I was diagnosed with this plus being insulin resistant. I only learned this after seeing an endocrinologist. When the endo did, this is what she found. I am now on Metformin, hoping to keep Type 2 at bay. I feel those exact symptoms! It feels to me like zoning out, like an out of body experience. Like im just floating. Then the tiredness hits. Yes I have a really important question. I just learned that I am a dibetic put Tim not on anything.

So my question is what can I do stop lower it without medication? I have high blood glucose, I urinate frequently, I have had times where I had uncontrollable thirst. The eye comments are interesting cause as of late I have really stugguled with my eyes being sensitive. They burn out of no where. I can also relate to having shortness or breath with simple taks. I appreciate this site and the comments to read. I walk around feeling very bad a lot. I now realize that I am now 54 years old and I am feeling worst than ever before.

I am type 2 but been diabetic for 14 years. I do take Metformin, pills, but I have my brother as an inspiration. He found out about his diabetes when it went up to over and he was hospitalized. He took insulin for a year and a half. Today, he take no insulin or pills and his last A1C only 1 month ago was 6.

What does this mean? Diabetes can be cured. Unless you are Type 1, this group has to take insulin, but all you type 2s, we just need to stop the white carbs, fast sugars like candy, cake, white breads, get some exericse, lose weight, watch the alcohol, we all know what to do.

Type 2 diabetes is a life sytle disease, we just need to change our live styles like my brother did. Princy, I had a similar experience to your brother. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes with blood sugar levels over , and I asked the endocrinologist whether I could reverse it with diet and exercise. The doctor more or less told me that it was highly unlikely for me to be able to reverse it. My 5 year old little girl is Type 1. I took the afternoon to go get my hair done first time since March and left her with my husband.

I will not be taking another afternoon off. It is heartbreaking to watch her endure this. Can you tell me what she was feeling? She told me she felt low. Also, I want to hire a private duty endo nurse. High blood sugar to me feels like I just took a whole bunch a sleeping pills and they have just kicked in, but I am too sick to sleep.

I feel depressed and sick to my stomach. And completing the most simple task; like walking to the mail box to check the mail feels as challenging as climbing Mount Everest.

I have the strangest reaction to high blood sugar. I am talking blood sugar over I can not sleep. If I do sleep it is not for more than a couple minutes. If my blood sugar gets below 80 I wake up. Have a tsp of peanut butter and go back to bed. It takes me around 9 hours to get 8 hours sleep. Has anyone ever had this problem? No multiply that times one hundred and never let it go. That is what it is like to have diabulimia — high blood sugar every day, unceasingly.

Imagine living in this state on and off for over 11 years. And sitting on the train heading into New York City with high blood sugars […]. I only feel right when my sugar IS high. When it gets to normal levels anything under is when I start feeling weak, shaky, etc. My a1c was I thought my sugar was low today, checked it and it was I think our bodies adapt to being in the high range. I forgot how it felt to be in normal range. Right now it still feels horrible.

I stretch and go for short strolls. I think part of it may be mind over matter. I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there T2 warriors!!!! I did not realize I had a problem until my wife bought a tester for me. My first test was I keep a log and have been to my doc. My A1C is With all this I feel ok. Sometimesa bit hyper and ditzy,. I woke and took my blood sugar ,…. I run to the bathroom after a cup of coffee and think mmm maybe I lost more weight???

I really got to man up to this diabetes issue. Then it clogs up tiny blood vessels like in your kidneys that are trying to clean it, and your eyes and fingers and toes. Enough cells die and you get blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure. Also heart disease stroke etc. And then you can get gangrene and possibly lose a foot or feet. So yeah its serious. Same things are going on with regard to the sticky blood. Now I can keep it within or close to normal with low carb eating and intermittent fasting, which has been a godsend.

I really think the key is weight loss but that can be like moving mountains as we know. I think there is one specifically to help people trying to lose weight. Hey who knows it might work; better an antidepressant then all those awful complications from high blood sugar. Anyway sorry for rambling on. Not every day x something my stomach… I use five shots… Lee emir 2 x time flex pen…. I am 41 I found out 3 yrs ago I have type 2 diabetes I have been on every med been on every diet and nothing seems to work.

My A1C is 8. I have problems with my eyes being dry all the time I feel tired weak sluggish no energy at all. I also want to sleep when my sugar gets high.. When it drops down low which has only been a few times I feel shaky heart racing and sick at my stomach not to mention all the other things that come along with it…it pretty much controls my life…Im at my wits end and dont know wat else to do!

So glad to read comments from everyday people. First time reaching out. Found out it was. Feel free to write: Type 1 For 17 years now. I have a pump…Got it at age 19 after fighting my parents about it for almost 5 years.

I love the people, events and soul it has brought to my life but I hate ehat its Now doing to my body- I hate that ive been a constant worry for my folks who have done everything in their human power to help me. Most of all- I hate that no matter how hard I try, even on y very best days- My mind is sharp as a whip, but my body simply does not follow suIt.

It took almost 15 years before I gabe into that…. Id fight it with everything in me. I wouldnt "Let diabetes stop me" no matter what. That was the worst advise I was ever given. I would "Power through it" when I was tired…I wouldnt leave the office until the work was done…If there was a get together and I was having a bad diabetes day, id slap my makeup on amd fake it. Thats what I was taught to do by the educators -doctors and google!

And that crap landed me where im at today. Im an educated woman-Have an awesome family…supportive friends…Good life… No problems to really speak of besides my health— I always thought that not "Giving in" to diabetes would make me the winner…Stronger person…More capable or more respected if I always said "Im fine!

I didnt want to worry my folks any more than the diabetes already had. Im sure my mom hasnt slept in 17 years. What Ive learned from that- I was ignoring my body. I was trying to be powerful when all it was doing was making me more weak… Slowly but surely it was taking a huge tole on my entire body. Im on disability…With a college education and a stellar resume.

I cant even work a full day at my job That I absolutely love , bc my body simply will not preform…Or it will be sick for the next 3 days if I am in constant movement for 8 hours a day. Ive worled fulltime and gone to fulltime school simce I was Until 28Yrs old. If im thirsty, I stop everything Im doing and get a drink of water. I dont wait to go pee. If im sick or simply dont have the energy- I dont go out- I do not push my body to do things it does not want to do. I tell my kids my blood sugar is high- And they know- Im laying down.

My diabetes is 1… And not bc im some awesome diabetic Or selfish…Bc im not… Nobody trying to do this is…. But bc I am now suffering the complocations of being a diabetic bad ass growing up. Its harder to "Give in" and sleep when you have things that need done. Its not easy when im cooking dinner.. That use to be a compliment. Until I was old enough to have diabetic complications..

Im one who always works out…Played sports… Good weight.. Not a lot of life stress…. So i ddnt believe complications were even an option. Im 32 amd feel like an old woman. I cant see…My teeth hurt.. My feet hurt all the time…. My back hurts… I vomit from celiac all the time….

And im a pretty good looking individual, so youd never know that i feel so horrible all the time. Ive tried It all. The one thing I didnt try, was treating my diabetes like a disease, as i should have been rather than this romantisized "Blessing" everyone tries to tell me I have. Oh "At least you dldnt get cancer! Bc then I would have to deal with a chronkc disease all day everyday, right?! Especially you young kids…or parents of young kids w diabetes…Dont make yourself or child believe that listening to the body is not being good enough bc its giving in.

Dont confuse yourself or your kid by maling it "Seem" like it "Should be" something else…Bc then when the result isnt what was implied, its a feeling of failure. I would be in such better shape w diabetes had I of accepted that when my sugar is high, im going to lay down and it doesnt matter what anyone thinks of me!

Or my sugar is low and instead of trying to be polite and finish the conversation that I cant even understand bc im half unconcious, im goimg to sit down NOW and take a pause really qUick. This isnt a "Fight Against Diabetes" like all the tshirts say. Who would succeed at being taught their entire lives that they had to fight their body, while making sure its always ok and is lifes 1 priority??

Your 1 priority cannot be something you believe you are "Fighting against" every single day for the rest of your entire life. Thats a tall freaking order when youre a young kid- Or an adult. I say this under the high sugar forum simply bc high sugars for me are the biggest problems having this disease.

They are a crappy feeling…. And they last and last in consideration to how you feel. Not to mention, long term complications stem from high sugar. It was worth the read….. The Diabetes is your only absolutely dedicated, permanemt piece of your life- Nobody elses, nobodies.

You arent "Fighting Diabetes" or "Giving in" to it if you address a feeling right away rather than waiting for an even bigger problem to manifest from it. You are the only person who can teach others how to manage your diabetes with you….

Let it be known, if you need to do something to make yourself feel better- it is happening no matter what. Your kid who has diabetes is capable of keeping it together…They wont be perfect…You calling them out for food they eat-Giving them "The look" from across the kitchen— or never leaving them alone about it, isnt helpIng… Ask them how they feel about it…Let them speak, dont reply w a solution to everything- Sometimes as a youngster w diabetes, you dont eant a solution… You want someone to take your word for what you are telling them and just hug you for them.

Dont make this lifetime journey this stressful mess that the parents have reigns on- While holding tight!! That will cripple them in the end. Let them try food. See what it does. See how to correct it. Your kid will never be a robot….

Lastly, always rememer everyone…. Especially parents w diabetic kids- There is nothing additional in a diabetics braim that enables them to be a super human who SIMPLY doesnt like the normal things in life. Every kid does the same stuff…Diabetics already have more pressures in a day than normal people…. Dont make hem feel lile they are failing simply by questioning their God given desires to be hUman. Watch over them, obviously, but dont make it like they have the almighty power to control it all…..

Thats exactly what turns into a huge attitufe problem w diabetes, for life….. Making a person resent it and ignore it….. High Sugars for me: Smells are too much to handle…perfume.. The back of my nose feels like im breathing in broken Glass down my throat. Carbonation is the ONLY thing that tells me get rid of that insane thirst -Water touching me tells a lot….

If im ever out of strips to check my sugar— I could stand in a hot shower and tell instantly if my sugar is high. Same broken glass feeling in the back of my.

Hot house is the worst. Sugars also depend on what time it is too. Highs and lows symptoms will change depending on timing…Location…Mental awareness…. All of it makes a difference. Highs at night- i cant STAY asleep. In school just suck all the way around w a bad sugar. Diabetes is no fun…. But its not a. Embrace it before it kicks. Let your kids be kids…. Worry will paralize your child with diabetes. Let them screw up ad many times as they possibly can now -So they know how to handle it when they leave your house!

You will worry less at that poimt if you know they are prepared!! And make them learn how to cook with you too!! Hi my name is Stacey. I have no idea what to do, what kind of medicine to take , or anything. The dr just told me and said we would check my a1c and then figure it out in 4 weeks. I just stopped smoking. I have stayed thirsty my entire life, had bad headaches, severe panic attacks, it goes on and on…lots of other things to cover up diabetes. I have no idea what this has done to my body.

You seem very nice. And the effects of jacked-up blood sugar are weird. Diabetics describe high blood sugar hyperglycemia as slowing everything down and slathering it with whipped cream. Your brain gets […]. Im a type 1. I want to crawl out of my skin. I feel naseous at least once a month. My husband thinks Im making it all up because I did so well for ghd first 10 years.

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