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Free coaching and support along the way from me. I have recipes, grocery list, how to eat out at restaurants, helpful hints to lose weight.

You will be added to my support group which I continue to add things to help my team be successful. Are you looking for other great Advocare products that are healthy and fast? This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Energy Sleep SleepWorks Advocare weight loss. Your email address will not be published.

Advocare Sleep Works Sleep Deprivation? Life has been crazy around here the last 6 months or more- family illness, raising an infant and our surprise baby is on the way. We have talked about doing an overhaul of this site and adding some features and of course more recipes! So get out your blender we recently bought an oster personal blender.

Awesome choice on our part. Blend til smooth and frosty!! Roasting veggies is super easy. Drizzle 1 tsp of olive oil on them and toss to coat. Red pepper flakes if you like a little zing. Add peeled garlic cloves to roast for extra flavor. I hear this phrase a LOT! It takes planning and a little creativity.

Here are some non- salad options for you, whether they be meals or snacks. Gets you away from the traditional boring salad. My rear end is lifting up!! Anyway, so I do household things or bills and maybe check facebook and log my foods on caloriecounter, go to the pool and chill and then do my workout, which is about 45 minutes of pilates and yoga.

LOVE IT So after that I do regular stuff, you know, snuggle the hubby, visit with my kids, turn on pandora and bust a move and do laundry, etc. I eat lunch which is usually about calories or so, and I eat lots of fruit and veggies with it. I actually have to make myself eat that much food. I thought I'd be starving but I am finding I have a good appetite and that cravings are almost gone. I don't add sugar to anything anymore and I don't miss it!

So, afternoon comes, where I used to go grab a soda or eat a handful of jellybeans. Instead I make myself an Advocare Muscle Gain shake and go for a 3. And we haul ass, let me tell you. And I can set a pace where my fit husband isn't riding irritatingly slow. He actually says "slow down and pace yourself" I love him. When we ride I call him my boyfriend and we flirt.

It's so fun, "I hope my husband doesn't find out I am riding with you, you are awfully cute.. I mean the bike riding. After we get back I log my daily activities on caloriecounter and see how much I burned doing what. I also log my meals, and see how I am doing nutritionally. Dinner is usually around 7 and it's about calories, though I usually eat less than that and later have a handfull of almonds and some raisins or some fruit before bed. I always do some yoga in the evening, and I sleep a lot better.

Nothing strenuous, just some stretching. And that's pretty much my day. I will be posting some pics as soon as I fix my camera.

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