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If this product changes only lifestyle, then what is wrong with that? Book your Speaker or Delegate slot. Two X-Chromosomes and Deep Purses: We DO NOT sell this stuff as I do not get pulled into the marketing of it, but just have a unbiased and very skeptical experience. Maybe you should learn to reconsider how you say thing!

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I was pleasantly surprised how predictable it was at higher speeds too. The only downside to floaty Where a narrower tire with more bite might be able to hold a little better.

For me though, the benefits outweigh this side effect. In the end, I found the mm suspension and big volume tires to be a good match for my skill level advanced-mediocre , and riding style fun loving wimp. The large tires took the edge off when the shocks bottomed out. This is the forgiving bit, it sucked up ledges and ill-planned rock gardens like a bike with more travel. I hit several of my local hairball descents faster than ever, knowing that if I took a bad line, I could lean back and bounce over just about anything.

Rocky but fast trails, flat pedals, stopping for dive in the quarry and a beer with friends. And a fun bike. Worst name for a bike ever. I had the same thought. I sure as heck am not pulling cranks that expensive on one thread. I sucked it up and bought the proper tool. I tried the same. I wonder if these si cranks are different. I am a rep of Juice Plus and if you order the orchard and garden capsules or the trio which includes the vineyard blend as well you can sponsor a child for 4 years free.

They will receive the orchard and garden gummies free for 4 years and all you have to do is fill out an occasional survey that gets sent to you in the mail to see what desirable changes your child is experiencing.

You can sponsor any child not just yours , grand child , niece , nephew, neighbor … for more info please call me I would love to help you and a child start their health journey!!

For the cost of 2. The black berries alone cost Hi, I came across an article that was referencing a study done with older adults who were smokers and taking Juice Plus. It said one of the side effects was rash like hives. Do you know of any side effects in children taking the JP chews?

Do you have a Juice Plus rep you can ask about the rashes? The sudden expulsion or flushing out of the toxic build-up from when someone eats poorly or had poor nutritional intake demonstrates as those physical ailments.

For most people, it will pass after a few weeks. Alternatively, if there are any added dyes or other synthetic additives, it would be an allergic reaction. I know that this is an old post, but I know for a fact that Juice Plus has helped me and my family. My grandson, matter of fact, has had little warts on this hands and my daughter took him to freeze them off and he was in pain from this.

After being on Juice Plus for a while, no more warts and they are disappearing. Bioavailability, anti oxidant absorption? Nice fancy words to get around the poor RDA! Ok try your kids on a tart cherry extract if you want a true bioavailable antioxidant product. An older thread, I know. I have been researching nutrition for many years now.

I see you mention 40mg vitamin C a day. The recommended amounts for a child between 1 year and 13 years of age are 15 — 45mg.

I think as a supplement, Juiceplus are keen to emphasise it is not a substitute this amount is plenty. I believe Juiceplus also recommend eating as much fresh fruit and veg as possible, this is for people who want more or struggle to eat enough.

Hi, thank you for writing the article. My concern is with the issue of the chewables and fear of cavities being caused by them. This is simply not the case. Tooth to food contact is not what causes the issue of cavities.

I was introduced to Juice Plus the same week that I got tired of bringing home waxy apples and green bananas. What got my attention was two fold, vine ripened fruits and veggies that were juiced with the pulp and the medical research.

They drew blood on real people and analyzed it. So heck yeah put the whole family on it became a rep for the discount and latter took a closer look at the business and company. I am not hung up on direct sales, but do carefully look at each product and company. Who knows about supplements in the stores where they come from etc. When I started, I was much happier to give my consumer dollars to my rep. You get what you pay for and with direct sales you get more education. After a month of using the product I found myself forcing to take the chewables.

The taste literally grew on me. I tried to return the product the other 3 months supply and the experience was more than unpleasant. After I cancelled, the company send my account to collection althogh they knew I was in the process of returning it. Not something I would sign up for again. Does anyone know if the fruits and veggies are all certified organic or gmo?

Is this product the fountain of youth in a capsule? Is Juice Plus the real deal or another sucker product to all the gullible people. Hi Jeff—feel free to message me if you need any more information. I realize your post is dated from a couple of years ago, but my family is moderately new to Juice Plus and have seen great benefits.

Last year, we were constantly sick and passing the sickness to one another, and Juice Plus has really helped our immune system. Knowing that we get the best fruits and veggies possible has been so important to me.

I hope you can see this reply, Jeff. When I queried on organic, I was provided line after line of BS. There is NO organic certification. Thus reps are almost free to make any medical claim they see fit, including the reply to your post below. I resisted JuicePlus for 11 years! How could I say no, they were free and my friend had nothing to gain by giving them to me.

All I can say is that, within one week, I dropped 5 pounds of water weight. How do I know it was water weight? One, it came off so quickly and two, I developed a close relationship with the bathroom!

For the first time I began to notice those commercials for over-active bladders! After seven days I realized I no longer had any particular food cravings. Sugar was the love of my life. Will results like this happen to most people? You would have to be in the shape I was…which was not very good. The Orchard and Garden pills are sold bundled because they work synergistically.

I have also invested in the JuicePlus Tower Garden. Hi Eileen, I found this blog by searching for headaches and JP.. Like you I resisted it for years because of the cost and now that I get Social Security, It is something I am investing in for my husband and myself. Since my daughters were in 1st. I tried every pain reliever out there and nothing helped. They would last for weeks and one year all summer. By then I was almost crazy. Thanks for your comments. There are only 2 grams of sugar in the Juice Plus soft chews.

It is not refined. The third ingredient is organic evaporated cane juice. These are both added sugars and not naturally in the fruit. Yes, here is some info on Juice Plus in pregnancy. They have done studies in pregnant women and seem to see some benefits, like less risk of pre-term delivery. I began taking juice plus a year ago after my yoga teacher Simon Borg-Olivier who regularly lectures about the benefits of a plant food diet recommended them as a supplement that had been independently researched.

There was some evidence that of increased heart and blood health. I had never heard Simon endorse any product like this before — that is, something that comes in a jar and has been albeit naturally created — so I did sit up and take note. I did think they were expensive, but, I also think we have priorities when we shop for food. We have tons of fruit and veg in my family but can never hurt to have more!! In terms of noticing any differences, I would say my skin seems to look better and must cross my fingers here because we know what happens when we get smug… I have not suffered from any severe colds, coughs or sinus issues since I began taking them.

Possibly a coincidence — it is always hard to tell. I eat a healthy diet generally and am a bit more relaxed because I am no longer running around exhausted after a toddler. It is fair to say that all these things contribute to how you feel overall. I just wanted to say that personally as a parent I stay away from any process sugars and think that the sweetness of gummies be brought to even just cane sugar.

Cavities are from lack of brushing which plagues all parents. Cost is actually quite low when you start comparing the juice product frenzy prices out there. To each there own but for our family of five they eat them at will vs. I give it a thumbs up. They did start around the time I stopped using the product!

As far the gummies vs capsule…would parents be able to break the capsules open and put it in milk or yogurt? Yes I have broken up the capsules and put them in smoothies and oatmeal. I love juice plus it has done wonders for my family.. My kids are now wanting to eat more veggies and drink more water..

Which makes me a happier Mom. I have also lowered my cholesterol and lost a few pounds.. The inflammation in my knees has improved: That is why I became a juice plus rep. It has great benefits. I suggest people do research. I was worried about the chews and there teeth but we eat them before breakfast and then brush…. From a health standpoint, I have never once had the flu. I eventually became a distributor 1 year ago. I love the company. It gives you what your body needs. For me, it keeps me at a healthy weight, and keeps me from getting ear infections and the flu.

You think Xylitol is a healthy option to put in this, or any, suppliment??? Published papers please, not opinion pieces. Been around for 20 years and there are currently 31 clinical gold standard, double blind, placebo controlled studies that have been published in top medical journals like the British journal of nutrition and MD Anderson that say Juice Plus is where its at. I was introduced to JP a few months ago by someone who I admired greatly.

I asked her what her secret is to looking amazing and she told me good health. She told me about JP and it made sense to me. I knew that I did not eat enough fruits and vegetables and taking JP could help me bridge the gap.

Since taking JP I have noticed several benefits. I am sleeping better, I have better gum health, my chronic headaches went away, I stopped drinking diet coke, my workouts are stronger and I have more energy and am more alert. My kids take the chewables and love them.

I feel great knowing that I am helping them to also bridge the gap between how many fruits and vegetables they do eat vs.

The cost is inexpensive. JP is not for everyone, but it has done great things for my and my family! Jan 1 we decided we needed to start taking a good supplement. We started with Juice Plus with the idea that we would give it a year…. I am happy to say that we are nearing the end of this year and have had nothing more than a cold that would try and start and then just end!

The Fall is generally always a time of year my husband gets a terrible cold that goes on and on and on. SO FAR so good! The only difference is that we added Juice Plus to our daily routine! For those wanting to break a part the capsules for your kids you can absolutely do this.

We have done this for over 2 years for our daughter, since she was 8 or 9 months old. We were recommended by our rep that our daughter take 1 veggie and 1 fruit per day, rather than the adult dose of 2 each. We put 1 capsule into a couple of tablespoons of applesauce and add cinnamon. Have read internet sites, but proper info and price would be more helpful please. Many of the other comments on this thread are from reps, perhaps one of them can get back to you.

Hi Amanda, If you would like to add me on Facebook i can tell you all the information you need to know! I found your review interesting. Do you do reviews for other companies? I started with Le-Vel Thrive 6 weeks ago and I know what it has done for me. The all natural Lifestyle capsule is taken first thing in the morning. The DFT Derma Fushion Technology patch controls appetite, gives mental clarity, and manages pain the capsule is amazing for pain management and is absorbed right into your skin.

Please check out my site at http: Hi Kristen, No I am not doing any reviews at the moment. Personally I would stay away from anything that promotes weight loss, as I am already blessed with a high metabolism which is a challenge when pregnant and breastfeeding.

Its a lot of money for me but Im tempted to buy it if its worth it, could someone tell me more about it, exactly whats in it and is it worth it? Combined with healthy meals and exercise… I enjoy eating lots of fruit and veg during the day as it is..

The protein it uses is soy. Some people prefer to avoid say as it acts like an estrogen in the body. Copy and pasted from a search The contents that make up this shake are solid and this is one of the top selling shakes currently on the market. Unfortunately there is a significant factor that, in our opinion, lowers the overall quality of the shake.

Upon examining the ingredients list, we see fructose listed. Fructose click has become controversial as of late.

So much so that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has conducted studies that suggest that fructose can even cause weight gain. In our opinion the sugar level is a bit high at 7grams per serving for a meal replacement shake.

A truly great, albeit pricey meal replacement shake that we highly recommend. If fructose was removed and the sugar levels were lower we could rate it higher up on the list. Maybe this will shed some light on soy for you all. I was skeptical as well and everyone gets to educated themselves and make the best informed decision for them personally.

And here is my overall take…once these other companies start investing into medical research to actually show that their products get into the bloodstream and cells and improve biomarkers for inflammation, the immune system, the cardiovascular system, improved DNA, skin and dental markers, etc. Also to his other comment re vitamin amounts etc. Juice Plus is a wholefood supplement it has a food label not a nutrition label because it is classed as food not a vitamin supplement.

This is the problem people do not understand that juice plus can not list every phytonutrient per fruit or veg as one piece of fruit can have phytonutrients in it.

Plus every fruit and vegetable can be different in amounts. Based on size of it is organic and so on. Just look at the research it says it all.

Also to comment on the ORAC value. The research on all three blend in the body is beyond impressive. Here are some links that might shed some more light.

Three groups in the study…placebo, group with the garden and orchard blends, and a group with garden, orchard and vineyard blend. I have more if you want them. My life has been forever changed. The reason it is the first ingredient is because the molecular weight of sugar is so high compared to the nutrients. What is in the gummies is the disease-fighting micronutrition of 17 fruits and veggies, and they have been tested for bioavailability as well.

Just to note, I am not a Juice Plus representative, but am getting a lot of specific questions about the products. I will not be posting these comments. Please check into the Juice Plus website or find a rep if you have detailed questions.

Hi everyone i agree this article is very good, i am a juiceplus distributer and i like to see results from juiceplus users both negative and positive, it can b very beneficial to many people including myself, but i also understand it isnt for everyone, if anyone has any questions then please feel free to msg or email me angelus hotmail. I then became a distributor.

Amanda h — If you are still looking for answers this specific question feel free to email me! Laura can you provide me with information to where you cam to the conclusion not to like soy protein powder. Please feel free to email me at sdunnjuiceplus hotmail. As a consumer of JP, I have seen many benefits of it. I understand that society has been trained that if you see it on the shelf or on TV enough, its gotta be good right?

Its hard to get people to understand healthy eating doesnt come in a pill. No matter what the product claims. If you are not eating healthier and continue with processed foods, sodas, etc. Having this single page allows for easy referencing in the future. This would be similar to having a professional note-taking service do all the work for you and give you a nice and tidy explanation of what was covered. Having helped thousands of people improve their health, I can tell you that the most IMPORTANT thing that will accelerate and maintain your ability to transform your health and your body is creating the right health habits.

In this one-year study of overweight adults, the researchers split people into four diet groups:. The problem is that less than one in four were able to stay on their given diet for just this one year! It will teach you the basic science behind how habits develop and how you can condition new ones in just a few minutes each day. These are the exact same habit-forming strategies I used to help me pursue a career in professional soccer.

These strategies are also used by top athletes around the world and by everyday people in desperate need of losing weight, quitting smoking, overcoming addiction, and much more! These audios help to put you in more control over your thoughts, beliefs, and habits so that you can make the changes you want to make instead of living in a quiet or not so quiet state of frustration.

But you do need solutions to your health problems and a solid understanding of why they occur and how to ensure that they never happen or come back. At last, YOU can experience peace of mind knowing the answers to your most pressing health and nutrition concerns and enjoy a rush of health-boosting golden nuggets. I have thoroughly enjoyed each module, especially the one on sugars. I had no idea sugar could be so problematic! I still eat some processed food, but not even close to the amount I used to eat!

Also the poop lesson really opened my eyes! Now at least it's the right shape some of the time! I never like science much in high school but this is so much easier to understand. I especially enjoyed the cheat sheets because this way, I knew which material was the most important to grasp. I'm looking forward to going through the rest of the modules in the next year or so. I know I will continue to learn much! Your program has given me a deeper understanding of the way food reacts in our bodies.

I really enjoyed the modules on food allergies and intolerances such as gluten. A great program for anyone that wants to go beyond the basics in understanding food. It is hard to choose one module that I liked best since I received valuable information in every lesson. If I had to choose one I would choose the lessons on digestion because that was an area I needed to learn more about and experienced the most benefit from applying the knowledge I gained overall.

I learned so many things and would highly recommend this academy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I like that the material is presented in different ways. For example I am a visual learner but also an audio one. So I will process better charts, graphs, pictures visually, but the material also sinks better when I listen to an explanation.

I have been changing my diet and trying to get into an exercise routine for the past 10 years and my biggest downfall has always been SUGAR. Super Nutrition Academy has helped me jump over the sugar hurdle. The thing I have enjoyed the very most with Super Nutrition Academy is the wealth of information and the delicious recipes. The food is so extremely delicious and satisfying that your body is not interested in snacking between meals. The recipes are easy to prepare and great for the body.

I'm enjoying each module of the Super Nutrition Academy!! It's so interesting and well done. The best thing for me is that I can do it in the comfort of my own home at the time I choose. I love it and Yuri is so good for teaching nutrition.

Thank you for the experience! So, I consider myself to already possess a fairly well read in the area of health, wellness and nutrition, with a decently solid foundation. From the Eating for Energy program I appreciated the thoroughness, depth, detail, and genuine balanced viewpoints. Yuri continues this structure with the Super Nutrition Academy but goes deeper into each of the critical areas as they apply to the world of Nutrition. Bottom line is that Super Nutrition Academy is a very nicely detailed, yet condensed volume of invaluable information for anyone interested in the subject material.

Yuri has clearly done his homework. He comes across as genuine and he espouses his views and opinions in an impartial manner, supported by documented research. In fact, the original research on which the material is based is very clearly provided and this allows those of us who are really keenly interested in health and wellness to follow up with further reading of the supporting evidence on various topics, if we are so inclined.

I have only completed Module 1 so far, but I am very much looking forward to the following 11 Modules based on what I have learned so far. Specifically, I am no longer as fearful or adverse to carbohydrate consumption as I was prior to beginning the program, and I feel like my body is better off for it.

A small but tangible change in my daily eating habits that I believe is having a material, positive impact on my health. Super Nutrition Academy is an amazing experience. Every module is like a piece of a puzzle. Only if you have all the pieces you can see a clear image. Having said that, I think that one of the most interesting modules is Module 6, because it explains how our immune system works and why we get sick.

I think, once you understand that, you'll want to know what kind of diet will boost your health, and how cleansing can help as well. I am a long distance runner and as you know this is an area that invovles many sport drinks and gels and other special products that provides you "all the mineral and carbohydrates and vitamins that you need" to complete a race.

But you also get in a lot of suspicious substances, day in-day out, not only when you participate in a a race, but also when you train.

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