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At the end of the day it is about doing what works for you and being involved in a supportive community, sounds like you have found that.. Meanwhile, keep on cookin' with Medifast. Reply Drizzle January 16, at So scared to make a choice on what to do Research the menu online if possible and make selections ahead of time. I just had a question: Any tips on how you reached this goal would be appreciated!

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Why I Switched from Weight Watchers to Medifast

Glad I found your blog. What a great motivator to finally, finally stick to my diet!! Good luck to you - and me!! I can fill up that plate to overflowing, but still because it is small the portion size isn't too much. Even though you'd think most are common sense, it's amazing how often we need to be reminded of them.

Food makes common sense go whacky! I make one or two healthy dishes over the weekend and package them in single serving portions. That's what I eat for dinner all week long. No "what to eat tonight" decisions required, I just throw together a salad and heat up one of my containers. No leftovers for me to pick at while they're hanging out on the stove waiting to be put away. I've lost nearly 50 pounds since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 16 months ago Accept the fact that to be healthy you need to control your diet for the rest of your life and that a new approach, not a temporary fix, is what you need.

Weigh or measure everything, and record all calorie intake or WW points both work equally well if you are diligent and honest. Make an exercise schedule and don't let anything interfere with it. Plan to expend at least calories a week in aerobic exercise. Weigh yourself once a week at most, at the same time of day and pay attention to the long term trend, not the short term ups and downs Plan ahead when you eat out. Research the menu online if possible and make selections ahead of time.

Only order items which allow you to clearly see exactly what you're eating, like salad with no dressing. Also, eat a small, healthy snack shortly before going to the restaurant and then order lightly.

I love the KP I exercise one hour 5 days a week. I too am a Weight Watcher alum. Although I went over 20 years ago. I did lose weight then but regained it back. I took the bull by the horns and lost pounds in using my old WW stategies. I would love to win the scale, mine gets quite a workout and I could really use a new one.

Karen in NE Indiana mawmaw2five gmail. My best tip is to get on a body fat scale daily. If I am making progress I see it and am encouraged.

If not, I notice and get back on track. Alanna, thanks for the post and all the encouragement! I know WWs says to weigh once a week, but it's more encouraging to me to weigh each day. After months of charting, I began to see patterns and that was enlightening.

Slight gains that were just part of the pattern still caused me to be extra careful those days. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

It's the easiest way for me to make myself keep an accurate log, and I have no excuse for not knowing how many points something is before I eat it. It's not for everyone, but it sure works for me. Alanna, these are such great tips! I have done Weight Watchers in the past.

Thinking of doing it again, as I'd love to kiss 30 lbs goodbye this year! Are family members eligible? I just made Laura's Carrot Soup - been meaning to try it since you first posted it - Yummo!!! I guess my best strategy is to go back to what I know works It's really hard to lie to yourself about how much you've eaten if it's written right there on the page. And use vegetables to fill up on! This comment has been removed by the author.

I have been down this road too many times before and I know to make it work, portion control is the key I found that if I had my meals on a sandwich plate, I always had enough and didn't feel the need to "finish everything on my plate" And I weigh myself every day Alaina, I am so glad that you are going back to the WW plan.

I have been below my goal weight for just over a year but this week I noticed that the Thanksgiving-Christmas eating has caught up. I plan to go back to writing everything down, avoiding alcohol for the next month, measuring everything and keeping the trigger foods out of the house!

I know that my husband and I will be back on track and you will, too. It's too difficult to try to do it alone while my husband pigs out. Luckily, he's ready to make some changes too! Thanks for this most informative article - have been on WW and lost 18 pounds so far and can only imagine the pounds I'd lose with an accurate scale ;-. I love your tips and thank you for sharing. Like you, I am a WW veteran - seven years on program and four and a half at goal.

Have my own scale but wish everyone luck on the contest. My best strategy for losing weight is really just to keep exercising. I lost 30 pounds about 10 years ago and have managed to keep it off. I attribute it to exercise. I also try to keep a look out for healthy recipes and try out new veggies I find at the farmer's market. And Kitchen Parade of course helps me with that. I forgot my best tip It takes a certain amount of discipline to be successful, but you also have to allow yourself to be human.

When the stumble happens, forgive yourself, and even learn from it, then move on. Beating yourself only saps your energy and never helps you arrive at better options. I need the accountability! Plus it helps me monitor my calories and portions! Looking forward to reading your blog! Sara sarapannell at hotmail dot come. I've lost 36 pounds since the middle of September when I joined WW and attribute much of my success to the encouragement of my FB friends.

Thanks for the tips, am staying at the W. Also increasing exercise with the Wii. Has been too hard to concentrate on W.

I think I need that scale. I think the best thing we can do is realize we didn't gain it overnight and we can't lose it that fast. WW is a way of life not a quick fix and you need exercise to help build muscle.

I'm still surprised by how way off my guesstimates are when it comes to that one little pretzel or that tiny scoop of ice cream. Thanks for all the tips and Happy New Year! Oops, forgot to leave my email! It's dennimdtwo thousand two yahoo. I really appreciate the chance to enter this contest. I could really use a scale to help me lean more about portion sizes.

My best weight loss strategy is to incorporate meditation. I have found that if I can get spiritually centered then I am better able to stick with my goals for the day. I have also decided that "having" to lose weight makes it a chore, but "wanting" to lose weight makes it much easier. Thanks - these are great ideas! And I love that you're giving away a scale! I've been on WW now for about 7 months, and it really works! I've lost 46 pounds and am now only one pound away from my "healthy range".

Probably my best "tip" is when eating out - NEVER have the salad dressing that "comes with" - I carry fat free in my purse I don't trust that their idea of "lite" is the same as mine , or I ask for 4 or 5 lemon wedges that I squeeze over the salad.

If I HAVE to have theirs, because it just won't taste the same without, I have it on the side and dip my fork in the dressing before picking up food on it. At the end of the meal, it looks like there's no dressing gone, and I've had the taste.

Julie abucksworth at gmail dot com. I forgot to add my name on the last post about meditation. I usually shop on Sundays and cut veggies and cook meats for 3 - 4 days worth of meal. Very little beef, pork and chicken. Thanks for the chance to win the scale. It's a great help in knowing exactly how much you are eating.

Plan, plan, plan ahead Exercise 3 times a week 4. My favorite WW leader always said "If you bite it write it" simonen at comcast dot net.

If those snackie things I love are here, I will definitely eat them. I love this website Since then I have lost 40 lbs and hopefully counting! Thanks again and keep the great recipes coming! Oooh, I've been dying for a kitchen scale. Ok, my best strategy is a workout-to-treats ratio. If I go for a run, I get cake. If I'm too tired or lazy or sick to go to the gym, I'm too tired or lazy or sick to get chips.

It's a must and I have lost 12lbs and have 28 more to go This IS going to be your year Thanks for the shout out!

I have lost 85 lbs to date with Weight Watchers and it is amazing how out of control portions can get! My next step, is to get my husband on Weight Watchers! My mom forwarded it to me and I instantly book-marked it! We chat and chat and chat and before we know it we're done! And WW of course I'm down 23 lbs in 4 months! I have to say, though, that this post has meant more to me than any of the recipes although you have GREAT recipes. I'm not entering to win the scale because I already have one that's getting more and more use everyday I just wanted to say thanks: I've been WW since Oct.

I have more to go, but I love getting KP recipes in my in box. Thank you for that and the great links in this post for other on-line sites. My best weight loss strategy so far has been I've stopped beating up on myself! And I'm eager to get back on the bandwagon and get moving! No guilt, no trauma. Sit down, eat slowly, don't read or watch TV even if you're alone and put your fork, spoon, sandwich etc. Good luck to all us! Planning to bookmark your blog.

I was forwarded over here by Kirsten. Loosing the weight this year will be a struggle as my DH does all of the cooking. I love your website and use many of your recipes. I too am constantly looking for the "magic combination" to lose weight. My best diet strategy is to make a pledge to make time for myself.

I need to remember that I won't be there for everyone else if I don't take time care of ME. To stay committed this time, I am enlisting the support of my co-worker. We are talking about our foods and walking at lunch time and doing yoga together after school. As the yogi says, "Honor yourself". Love your blog and your recipes - keep them coming and thanks. Thanks for the wonderful post. My best stradegy is to log everything I eat I have been following your blog through my email for some time.

I just love the recipes. I just signed up for your RSS feed. I lost 70 pounds 5 yrs. Here is my email address dpolk yahoo. Thanks for the post! I'm back on WW after taking a year or so off and watching 15 pounds creep back on. This was just the encouragement I needed to stay with it.

I know by now that once I start, I can't stop. It's better for me to skip it all together. I need to go back to my diet strategy Thanks for the great info. I look forward to becoming more acquainted with all you offer. I found that my best diet strategy is no second helpings.

That way I get to eat whatever I have prepared for the rest of my family. If I get the urge for something I probably shouldn't have I will have a small taste then walk away. I lost 22lbs starting Oct. Having a scale would be very helpful as I'm not sure I always eat enough meat. Thanks for the great contest and wonderful post. I've been considering rejoining Weight Watchers for a couple of months now. Much easier said than done, but something I try to practice regularly.

I HOPE this is my best strategy! I haven't lost my weight yet I think your site will be a great help! Carbs are my downfall and if I can keep them under 50 and fill up on fruits and veggies I feel much better. Thanks for the giveaway. I also track and found that I have to eat at least 2 pr 3 points of the 35 extra every day..

I have cut out beef and pork totally from my diet but mostly due to digestion issues and substitue ground turkey and I have also cut out sodas. I do give myself a free day from time to time so my body doesn't think "I'm dieting". Its also great to be able to go to great websites and get grat new recipes.

Once I made up my mind to change the the way my family eats then it became easy. Water is my best friend as it keeps you filled up when you think your thirsty. I also bought the measuring spoons from WW and use them daily.

I will go ahead and measure out lunch for the next day before I set dinner on the table, that a way its less for my family to eat cause I also measure out my food and put it on the plate before I put the rest of dinner on table, then I don't have to worry bout. I also went from using a large dinner plate to using the size plate the is bigger than the salad plate but small than the dinner plate. I limit my bread, pasta and forzen dinners even WW so that I don't get the heavy feeling and I no longer eat bread if I'm having some kind of starch.

You will have success on the Weight Watcher's program if you can stay focused! So, ready to start? I mean, think about it for a moment. You visit the Nutrisystem. Losing weight at the beginning of your diet plan is a huge motivator that keeps you on track for the remaining time of the plan. It is a great feeling to start a diet and see results the first few days. It gives you the momentum you need to stay the course, until you lose all the weight you want. There is no code for this discount.

It can be hard to lose weight. This is something that many have trouble doing, even though their quality of life depends upon it. To avoid major problems with one's health and a potentially shortened life, people want to shed added weight. There are many available solutions for those who are overweight or obese. Nutrisystem has been in the business of weight-loss products and services for over 30 years.

This company was first founded in but underwent a major change in This is when the Pennsylvania-based Nutrisystem chose to operate as a direct-to-consumer model, selling its products and programs only through its website or call center.

Every individual is different, but there are certain things that are expected with weight-loss programs. Usually the process involves changing lifestyle and diet. It sucks I could probably do that on my own but I like the app and the daily count holding me accountable for what im eating.

I would like to see them give the simple option for 2 apps freestyle app or the previous app. This would make me very happy. Since they already have the hardware for the old app let us have a choice to what suits our lives best. I did the WW points when it first came out. I lost 20 pounds and was happy with the program.

I have been on freestyle for 3 months. If I have any fat or sugar, even in small amounts, my points are gone for the day. I keep track of my calories on fitness pal and many times the calories are low and the WW points are high.

I stayed on it for three months. I lost 13 pounds. Happy for the loss but I lost 24 in the 5 months before by using Fitness pal.

Not a fan of the new program. I have gained 15 on the new program. I had great success on the old one.. Eat a chicken breast as a snack?? I am really considering dropping my membership, and using that money for a yoga program. I also hate freestyle. I lost over 20 pounds on the smart points, then as soon as they switched to freestyle I could not adjust or get with the program.

I find it more like a diet than anything else. Hate it and want to go back. I feel the same way. I lost50 lbs and kept it off for three years. Every time they channged the programi gained. Of the 50, I gained more thanhalf back. Not losing at all on new program, still tracking and exercising. Very discouraged, still paying, no results. I did poorly on the Freestyle program and ended up quitting.

Very dissappointed in WW with this newest program. I jave been on plan 2. Single loss in 6 months. More people lost weight on that program than any of their previous plans WW words, not mine i have gained 20lb since starting this stupid Atkins immitation diet. BTS was a real plan for real life. Oh and since starting I have developed bloating, acid reflux, daily headaches and my sweet tooth os back.

Thanks WW for getting greedy! New people like it bit those of us who have been around are gaining on this plan. So unbelievably disappointed in WW i feel like we have been sold out. I will not recommend Freestyle. Canceled my membership after being a member during Smart Points. Too bad they changed what worked. Mobile app will no longer support Smart Points. I hate the freestyle program! I had good success tracking points under the old system and actually chose WW because I was in complete control of my food choices.

In freestyle, they reduced my points by 9, which basically means I was supposed to limit my choices to the free list, and for some unscientific reason, the portion no longer mattered.

I liked the old system better Points Plus. Weight Watchers really does work! I lost 40 lbs in just a few months. I was the biggest skeptic in the world and hated the thought of even trying WW, but I gave it a shot and it really does work! It was so easy compared to the stupid fads that I tried and were unsuccessful at. So, …you lost weight before the freestyle program existed. I agree with you that the old WW program worked better than anything I had every tried.

I liked WW because I was in complete control of my food choices. I hate free style. I am maintaining for 2 months. I was doing so good on the 30 points program. Had lost 23 pounds with 3 to go. Not a good idea weigjt watchers. For more information, see our full Advertising Disclosure. Overview Does It Work? Weight Watchers Freestyle Readers: Click here to find out why we're giving away samples of our product, Burn TS. Need Help Finding a Diet?

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