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Iam very unhappy with this diet.. You have been out of stock for more than 1 month Thank You. I want you to know that if I decided to post a review of your people who handle customer service matters you would not like what I have to say. The company grew quickly through franchises and Katz opening more corporate-owned locations. There are currently 0 consumer reviews about Nutrisystem, Inc available. Error when adding to shopping collection. I would get rid of that ad agency…they need to take a class in logical reasoning.

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We also help persons overcome fears such as bridges, a…. Diet Doc Weight Loss 9. Website Coupons More Info. Frequency Apps Serving the Willow Grove area. Independent Herbalife Distributor Website Shop Online More Info. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your health collection! Error when adding to health collection. This business was removed from the health collection.

Nutrisystem Serving the Willow Grove Area. Weight Control Services Medical Clinics. Weight Control Services Hypnotists. Website Directions More Info. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your shopping collection! Error when adding to shopping collection. This business was removed from the shopping collection. Working for nutrisystem was one of the best things I ever did for my career.

Thank you for the review. Certainly you did not find the environment to your liking. While we do operate from 7am to midnight to service our customers, we do offer staff that meet length of employment and performance requirements the ability to post for different roles and schedules. We offer generous PTO as well. I do hope that you find what you are looking for and wish you the best.

Long hours, and the travel time is crazy, always on the go! Thank you very much for your feedback regarding your positive experience at Nutrisystem! Friendly atmosphere, oppotunity for advancement. Lay off policy includes letting go the highest paid first not the newest employees.

Benefits are pretty good. But it's well deserved by all you have to deal with! Management is unexperienced and doesn't care about how their constant ridiculous decisions affect the employees doing all the real work. Little to no respect for the employees. You get ahead at this company only when you're loud, unprofressional, obnoxious and inconsiderate of others.

Instead of putting so much energy into "the customer 1st" approach, they need to concentrate on "the employee 1st" approach. Supervisors are inexperienced somethings that only got management positions by kissing up to the other supervisors.

They say they are offering "incentives" for when you push their crappy product on to people but then the employees never see them due to technicalities in their numbers. It's a call center where every minute of your time is monitored and you aren't really "counseling" people like they say you are Turnover is very high.

I can not believe that one of your representatives called me on Easter Day afternoon! This is the most precious holiday for me and do not approve of your tactics! Please remove me from your list and do not call me again! I just wanted to let you a know of a success story that you should know about. My wife joined Nutrisystem in She did the plan and maintenance program. In my wife weight lbs and lost almost lbs. Now in she still weighs lbs. I just wanted to thank you because of the system you changed her life.

I have never felt the need to write a company because of bad service, because I have never felt more insulted and upset about how I was treated. I called yesterday to place an order for my husband and I. This is our third time being on the program. It has successfully worked out for us in the past and we decided to get on the program once again. When I called yesterday I spoke to a counselor who informed me of current pricing and promotions.

I explained to her i was pretty familiar with the programs and I was not interested in the current fast 5 program. I just wanted to order the select program for my husband and I. She mentioned there would be a discount for both of us being on the program and a discount for us not selecting the Fast 5 program. I told her I would call back today to complete my order and she told me everything we discussed would be noted in the system.

This evening I called to complete my order. This time a different agent answered. I was shocked to hear the gentlemen give me a completely different price than quoted. I was very specific with him as to what was offered to me the day before. How it was a discounted rate for the first two months. He then proceeded to take 15 minutes to figure how what discounts the other agent offered me, then after being unsuccessful he said I would have to pay the higher price.

I stressed again to him the discussion I had just yesterday and the pricing that was offered to me. He told me it was not true that the counselor would have been fired if she offered me such a discount. I told him that was unfair and I asked to speak to a supervisor. He proceeded to place me on hold for several minutes. Then tells me that he and his supervisor were going to go listen to my phone call that I had with the other agent yesterday.

I could not believe it. I felt like he was calling me a liar. He said he had to call me back as the phone call I had with the other agent was 22 minutes. He said that the other agent gave me the pricing for the core program and not the select program which is what I requested. I told him he obviously did not listen to the call because I specifically discussed how I preferred the frozen foods and we discussed the select program.

I ask for a third time to speak to the supervisor. At this point I had been hold for several minutes and this whole process of them calling me back and placing me on hold had been an hour. I told him I was upset , he made me feel like a liar and the how rude and unprofessional his supervisor was because I requested to speak to him 3 times and he never came on the phone.

I am absolutely insulted and beyond angry with the level of service that represents your company. It is a appalling. Calling and talking about weight loss is already a sensitive issue, but then having someone insult you by making you feel like your a liar and being rude is beyond upsetting.

I just got a phone call right now from the Supervisor. He magically appeared and tells me that he apologizes because he did not listen to the phone call with me and the other agent. So I guess I was lied to. He also said he was not at his desk the whole time, but after reviewing my records I was correct. The first agent I spoke to the day before clearly put in the notes the discounts I mentioned.

He said he was sorry initially he was just going off of what the current agent said and he never really read the notes in the file or listened fully to the conversation. WOW that is a supervisor! I would think it would be common sense to check a clients file before assuming they are wrong. But with people working for you who are as unprofessional as the representative and supervisor I dealt with tonight I would be mortified for them to experience what I did. I am so upset, offended and really disappointed.

I was insulted, lied to and treated unprofessionally. I was really looking forward to getting back on the program and ordering my food tonight. I just could not deal with those two.

It is still unbelievable to me. I thought it would be nice to bring to your attention the situation of your normal lower middle class individual. I have never thought of myself as obese — I am app. My typical daily meal would be a yogurt or eggs, oatmeal or cottage cheese — as it has been for years. I only make 23, a year and am the sole support for two teenage boys. I do not have money for food shopping — we shop once every four months. We do not buy high end items.

It would run me app a month — which is quite close to my weekly pay. This would apply to every diet system — not just yours. So having celebrity spokespeople does not help your sales for a great part of this country. All of your spokes people can more than afford your diet plan. Most of us have a hard time believing any of them actually have to pay for your product. Mentally it is just simply not fair.

Using a celebrity screams out to the consumer high price. I personally would love to use your product. I would love to see it work for me. I would love to not have to pay for it. In the nineties you offered a video set of exercises. I know because I had them. In the years since I have worn them out. Is there any way I might be able to find another set? Did not know if you had some stored away that I could purchase?

I am a manager of a grocery store in the small town of Hartford, Wisconsin, and the other day I heard a song in our store that I thought could easily be turned into an ad campaign for your product. You will no doubt remember it. Here are a couple example clips of the song…. Dunkin Donuts Corporate Office. How would you rate your experience with NutriSystem? Thanks, Abraham Quartin Reply. If you think its bad being a customer.

Try working here, hell on earth Reply. Her face is totally annoying her voice is disgusting change it Reply.

You have been out of stock for more than 1 month Thank You Reply. Dawn Zier This unfortunately is not a positive feedback correspondence.

Sincerely; Michael Caruso Reply. Later I was going to start the program again but now no way would I…They lie and treat you as if its your fault…Bad company to deal with Reply. Unhappy in Texas, S firmin Reply. This is my second posting. My first one was deleted.

The terms were as follows: I am furious with Nutrisystems. You people have misled and lied to me about my next order. Excuse me, but this is totally wrong. Unacceptable, and unethical business practice. Sarah G Graham Reply. Good Morning Mia, I am sorry to hear that we have not met your expectations. Thanks again, Phil Reply. Zier — CEO of Nutrisystem I thought it would be nice to bring to your attention the situation of your normal lower middle class individual.

Thank you for your time — Best wishes for continued success Reply. Thank you for checking. Please forward to… Hello, Ms Dawn M.