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Mental health is the condition of a person based on the welfare of their state both mentally and emotionally. Together the companies prove that you can be a leader in the health products industry without compromising your core values. Its effects are dramatic and noticeable. Native casein, also known as micellar casein, is a special product produced in the absence of high heat and caustic chemicals through a gentle filtration method. You get my point.

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In all stages of our lives, mental health is critical. It affects all aspects of our life and how we go about it. The liver is the marvel of our body. It is a vital organ responsible for secreting bile and breaking down the fats along with eliminating toxins from the body.

Weight loss is the prime concern for most people when they think about the food they consume. But what most fail to realize that they should be mindful of your food intake to save your liver from severe health problems. Let us take a look at some common eating habits that are detrimental to the health of the liver. In our daily lives, we tend to adopt eating habits that gradually deteriorate our liver.

A full liver cleanse can be helpful in reversing the damage to some extent. You might not know what too much alcohol means as far as your liver health is concerned. From mild scarring to severe inflammation of the liver cells, an excessive intake of alcohol can cause a severely negative impact on the liver.

Moreover, if the negative impact of alcohol takes a toll on the liver, the ability to break down alcohol further reduces, thus, causing chronic damage. So, it is advisable to keep the consumption of alcohol at a moderate pace. A good rule of thumb is one standard drink for women and a maximum two for men per day. Diet , food , health , injury , liver , meals , nutrition , organs , Supplements.

In summer, most of us take our workouts a bit more seriously. Many of us have post workout routines that we feel are important for our fitness. From stretches and yoga to meditation and even meals or protein shakes, the things we do after our workouts are just as important as what we do during them.

The post-workout routine is filled with these mental and physical exercises and practices that remain critical to our fitness success. What can we add to our post-workouts for better fitness and for stress relief?

Surprisingly, one answer is blogging. Because it combines some of the mental tasks above with habitual practices that make your workouts more productive and help you keep track of the things you want and need to accomplish.

Starting a blog, choosing a domain and website host and designing your site are all pretty easy. Once you get going, blogging can be addictive just like exercise.

How does post-workout blogging help improve your workouts? Here are a few ways. Here is an interesting guest post by a good friend of Project Swole. He wishes to remain mostly nameless aside from mentioning his name is Andy , but trust in me he is smart and experienced, and I think this piece will really connect with most Swole readers.

Human beings like habits, as a rule. Good or bad, habits allow us to predict the future — if I do this exactly as I did yesterday , I know what will happen.

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